I hate the idea of ‘greatest hits.’ That’s why I called the record Timespace, because what I wanted people to feel about that record was that it was... certain times, the space that I was in, were those songs that I picked for that record. And I also sat down at my typewriter and typed about two pages of really telling the truth about each one of those songs, from Stand Back to Talk to Me to Rooms on Fire to Edge of Seventeen... what they were really about. And also, we went back and remixed everthing. So there were things that were put back in the mixes that I had wanted in the mixes, in the original thing, and didn’t make it. So actually, for me, it was really a great thing and I really had fun doing it, because I got to go back and be part of those songs again.
— Stevie Nicks, Up Close 1994


"When I first heard this song, I really did not quite understand what Jon was trying to say... but over the two weeks that we sang it together (at my mike), I started to realize that Jon, without knowing it, had sort of taken a time machine back eighteen years and watched my life, the good parts... and the bad. It was not a love song, which of course, I had expected it to be; it was much more than that... to me. Bon Jovi had picked up on the fact, before meeting me, that there was no way he could know what I had lived through... without having lived through it with me... so he dreamed...

He dreamed about what the notorious Stevie Nicks had been like... and what it had all done to her... the indulgences, the lifestyle. I felt that if he knew nothing else about me... he knew I had a strong instinct to survive.

Someday, maybe all the people who did not go through this with us will understand; that considering the generation we come from... we are very lucky to be alive...
~Stevie Nicks, Timespace liner notes, 1991

"...I started to realize that Jon, without knowing it, had sort of taken a time machine back eighteen years and watched my life-- the good parts and the bad, the self-indulgences...and the lifestyle-- and put it into perspective for me. He saw the past-- and gave it back to me..."
~Stevie Nicks, Timespace tourbook, 1991

(Regarding "Sometimes It's a Bitch" and her disapproval of recording the song) "I was told at the beginning of this year that if I didn't do a song by Jon Bon Jovi then my career was over. I don't have any reason to hate Jon Bon Jovi. He wrote me a song, that was a very wonderful thing to do. I knew that just me singing that kind of a song wasn't going to go over with a lot of my fans, which it hasn't. But I was told by the industry, by management, by the record companies, and by everyone else, that if I did NOT do this, and reach this new audience, that my career was simply, finally, completely over. They exerted all the pressure you could possibly exert, they scared me to death. So I did the song, and is it a big hit song? No, it's not. Mick would've ridden in on his white horse and swept me up and told them all to go to hell and say I won't let her do it."
~Stevie Nicks, VOX interview, 1992


"Inspired by Bret Michaels

This song was brought to me barely two weeks ago by a most extraordinary young man. One of those men who has everything... beauty, sensitivity, warmth, and a love for life that I had not seen in a long time. I recorded his song, singing it for him to the best of my ability... hoping that the people would love the song as much as we loved doing it. A new friend, in this business, who asks for nothing but for me to be happy, is a very rare thing. I hope he will remain my friend for a long time, because finding someone like him seldom happens in one's lifetime. But when it does... there is nothing like it. He was happy because I believed in him. And he has brought something back to me that I thought I had lost... my laughter..."
~Stevie Nicks, Timespace liner notes, 1991

"I recorded it for him to the best of my ability, hoping that people would love this song as much as we loved doing it. Love is a hard game to play, and I feel Bret explained it far beyond his years... but then he is an angel..."
~Stevie Nicks, Timespace tourbook, 1991


"Written for all the men and women in "Operation Desert Storm"
Inspired by Paradise Valley, my desert... and the rain

"I returned to Phoenix late last night for a few days... today is May 28th. I have been in Los Angeles since March 3rd, but I was here from December 23rd for a little over two months–the two months the Persian Gulf war began and ended. My friend who takes care of my fan mail, Ginny, began calling me at the end of December telling me that she had already sent a lot of tapes, cd's and autographed pictures for these guys who were writing to me from the Gulf. Then at the beginning of January, Ginny suggested I write these people a serious letter about how I was feeling about their participation in the Gulf War. Of course, I had been watching nothing else on TV except CNN, and was totally overwhelmed that they cared about what I thought. So the days went slowly by, all of us thinking that it would never happen, as January 15 loomed ahead of us. So I thought about this letter I would write every day for fourteen days. While all this was going on, there was something the city was doing called "Operation Desert Angel." It meant that you could go down to the shopping centers or malls and get a little dog tag in the shape of an angel with the name of someone from Arizona who was in the Gulf... and it became a very important and personal way to get to them. It was on TV and radio constantly; all this time I was still trying to figure out what I could write to the ones in the Gulf who were alone and scared... and I also knew I would write a song called "Desert Angel," and suddenly I knew exactly what to say in the letter to the troops. I would tell them about Rhiannon, and about my treasured gold cross, and I would send them my feeling of sanctuary. I would do what I do when I sing... I would try to make them forget, even if for a moment, and they could come into my world. I finally wrote the letter, the night before the first shot was fired... and everyone thought I should send it to Stars and Stripes. I mailed it off and four days later, I wrote "Desert Angel," in my house, here in Paradise Valley. My letter did make it to Stars and Stripes, which I never, ever expected. On February 17, 1991, I went into Vintage Recorders and sang to a track that Michael Campbell had given me a few days after I had sent the letter. There were five songs on it, and as I listened, the second one came on, and I knew without going any further, that I had found my "Desert Angel." From the beginning, all the people who were around me really loved this song, because it meant so much more to all of us than it did to just me. We had lived through it, we had prayed, and my song would make at least all of us... never forget this war. So, "Desert Angel" is coming out on the "B" side of the first single of my "Best Of" album. I am doing this because I wanted you to have it as quickly as possible. I hope that for all of you that were there, it will always be a lullaby that will remind you that everything will be fine, it is over, you can sleep now. And for here who felt helpless and scared, a lot of things really do work out for the best in the end... I can only write songs when I am totally inspired... and the flag that you, Sgt. Robert M. Garcia, sent me is something that makes me feel something that I wish I could explain to you, but I can't. Yes, when you washed it out for me, the colors did ring true.

"Operation Desert Shield,
Operation Desert Storm
Operation Desert Angels
In waiting."

~Stevie Nicks, Timespace liner notes, 1991

"There is, and never will be another song like this. My letter to the troops that eventually went into 'Stars and Stripes,' my flag that was sent to me, and me alone-- and my connection with those who fought so hard for us. Yes, the colors did ring true. Thank you."
~Stevie Nicks, Timespace tourbook, 1991

"This book is dedicated to all the men and women who were involved in Operation Desert Storm, but most especially to those who did not return... my desert angels..."
~Stevie Nicks, Timespace tourbook dedication