"Sandy Stewart, a very good friend of mine, came through Phoenix about... whenever it was... about a year ago, and spent two days. She played all her new demos for me. Amongst these songs was a song called "Seven Wonders." I instantly, the first time I heard it said to Sandy, 'are you gonna do this on your next album?' She said, 'when I wrote it I thought about you.' I said, 'what do you think about Fleetwood Mac?' She said as any wise songwriter would say, 'absolutely. Go ahead.' A couple months later, somebody said, 'you know that 'Seven Wonders' song, is it still available? And I said 'yeah, absolutely.'

[Now you also contributed lyrics to it as well.]

Yeah, but the only reason for that was because we thought we had written down exactly as I sing them, the exact words to Seven Wonders. They [Fleetwood Mac] cut the song without me there. Then I went in a couple nights later and sang it one time. Then I sang it three hundred more times but we went back to the original, very first vocal. I sang the words that I had written down and Sandy didn't unfortunately get me the real words before that. She knew about it so I sang those words. Then, I saw the real words and I tried to sing the real words, which are in fact very different. I couldn't do a vocal again like that very first time I walked up to the microphone and sang Seven Wonders. At that point, there's no choice in Fleetwood Mac's eyes-- 'the poetry is cut and your poetry is in or we don't do the song.'

[So that's funny, your embellishments were sort of accidental in the positive sense.]

Yeah, completely and in a very positive sense. I mean, there is something in that vocal that's real special. It's because I hadn't really thought about the song much so when I walked in and they had cut the track and I walked out there it was my first experience with singing Seven Wonders. So when you hear it, you know that was really the first time I heard it too."
~Stevie Nicks, "Rock Stars" with Timothy White, 1988


(Regarding Lindsey Buckingham and "When I See You Again") "How do you like my slow song with Lindsey singing at the end? That's one of my favorite things. I made him sing with me. I said, 'Lindsey, you're gonna sing on all my songs whether you like it or not - you have to sing this with me.' So we went out and sang 'If I see you again, will it be over...' We sang it in unison, then I snuck in and took my voice off. Otherwise, I'd have never gotten him to do it. See, Lindsey's pretty shy and he's singing differently there than he is on anything else on the record. He wouldn't think to do that, to sing on my song at the end. He would think to sing with me, but he wouldn't want to end it. But that's what I wanted, to leave people feeling they are really talking about each other."
~Stevie Nicks, Creem, 1987