Winnipeg, Canada - MTS Centre (05.12.2013)

Stevie: Well, this next song, um, was a song that was written somewhere in the early seventies from a poem that I wrote, I think, before Lindsey and I moved to Los Angeles. And, um, it was a lost song. It was probably recorded in 1974 as a really good demo - that was also lost - and, um, in 2010 me and some friends were in Lanaʻi, Hawaii, and we found it on YouTube. There it was. And, um, it’s this great song because it really tells you a lot about what was going on in our lives in the early seventies when this, when it all first started to happen. It’s a really - I’m so glad that I wrote it because sometimes, you know, you forget things, and when you have it written down on a piece of paper, you don’t forget it.

So, um, Mick always likes me to remind you and to remind us that, you know, first of all they wanted a guitar player because their guitar player had left and they needed a really great guitar player. So they found Lindsey and they wanted him and, um, they went after him. And so anyway, but I was like the, you know, I was like the (?) third man out (?) so I was lucky to be able to also be in this band too. So anyway, I know, thank you, Mick. Thank you Lindsey for taking me with you. Anyway, it’s called ‘Without You’ and, uh, it’s from the early seventies.