Washington DC - Verizon Center (04.09.2013)

Stevie: There was a song written. Lindsey and I actually disagree on when the song was written. I think that it was a poem written in probably 1970, maybe even before we moved to Los Angeles. *says something under her breath* Maybe after, right after we moved to Los Angeles, which would have been like 1971. He thinks it was written in 1974. *under her breath* I don’t think so. *normal voice* Yes, right after the Buckingham Nicks album came out in 1973. It was dropped by Polydor Records and Lindsey and I started on Buckingham Nicks II because we didn’t know what else to do.  So there was this like amazing song that everybody forgot about until I went to Lānaʻi in 2010 and my friends - computer people - found it on, you guessed it, YouTube. So here’s the song that I liked so much that I had truly, truly forgotten was ever even written. And I’m like, ‘Oh my god. Well, the next time Fleetwood Mac gets together, I’m going to have to play this for Lindsey cos he’s not gonna believe it.’

So anyway, this song represents to me, um, who we were when we started out. Because we were young and beautiful and totally crazy and we knew something was coming. We felt it, we knew it was coming. We didn’t know what it was but you know what it is now. So it represented all of our determination and love for what we did, and as Mick always reminds me, "Please don’t forget to tell them" this is what he heard. When he first heard our music, this is what he heard, and this really is why he asked us to join his marvellous, simply marvellous, band. So anyway, it was a beautiful, beautiful thing. The song is called Without You.