Wantagh, NY - Jones Beach Theater (06.22.2013)

Stevie: Well, now to the fun part. So this song gets an introduction because it’s so crazy. And since this tour started - it seems like two years ago, it’s probably only been like two months maybe, a little less than that – I’ve been telling this story and about half way through I just started to completely, my brain just left my head and I just get completely like, my mind, I don’t know where I am. So Lindsey has to fill me in on where I am. So let’s see if we can makes Jones Beach the first night where I don’t like ‘hnnnrrrrnnn’ go away somewhere. So in 1970 I wrote a poem, a very beautiful poem – if I do say so myself. And I wrote it about myself and my super gorgeous boyfriend Lindsey. And it was probably the nicest thing that I ever wrote about the two of us. Now 1970 was when it was all starting and it was fantastic and we were struggling and we were in love and we knew we were going to somehow, y’know, make it... So, anyway, the poem was written and put in a drawer, and next thing we know Lindsey and I hop in his Buick Skylark and drive to Los Angeles with 12 songs *Lindsey makes driving motion* to get a record deal. We succeeded; we got a record deal.

We made the ‘Buckingham Nicks’ album. Everything was going swimmingly. Record came out. It was critically acclaimed or whatever, and then they just dropped it. And Lindsey and I were like speechless, devastated. We really didn’t know what to do, so we did what all struggling musicians used to do; we started another record. We conned somebody into giving us like free time at a studio - Sound City, very famous - and we went there and started making our second record. And we, um, and we actually, probably we think that’s when we made the demo of this song that you’re going to hear someday down the road. And, um, so we made this great demo and then we put it probably on the couch and I think one of our sleazy friends – we didn’t have many friends but one of them – stole the cassette. Cos we lived in a world of cassettes. Stole a cassette, took it out, copied it, brought it back, put it back in the couch, and then we lost it. Second time it was lost. So our beautiful song was gone. And then we joined Fleetwood Mac. So I’m getting ahead of myself here. So what happened was is that when Mick heard this song – see, Lindsey, I’m getting on track here.  He’s totally ignoring me because he knows this is going to go on forever. Um, so *pauses* are you just totally ignoring me? Do you even care what I’m saying over here?

Lindsey: I do, I do! 

Stevie: No, you’re having a conversation with the –

Lindsey: No, I’m not. Somebody just held up...

Stevie: *squeaks* Alright

Lindsey: ...a pick right in the...

Stevie: *squeaks* Alright. 

Lindsey: ...middle. Somebody said, "Do you want a...

Stevie: Okay, so I think I was at the part where we...

Lindsey: "We want your pick"... 

Stevie: ...played it for Mick. 

Lindsey: …"We want your pick". That’s what they said.  

Stevie: Okay, okay. I’m on track now. 

Lindsey: Okay, good.

Stevie: We played it for Mick. He liked it. He loved it. And so we decided to record it. And so we went to Lindsey’s house at the end of last year and we recorded it. And we recorded it almost exactly the way we recorded it in 1973, we think. And Mick said to me, "Don’t forget to tell the audience - if we ever get back on the road - that this is one of things that I loved about you guys, was the way that you sing and play together." When Lindsey plays, he plays in counterpoint to the way that we sing, which I personally think is what makes what he and I do very special is because we’re always counterpoint. Like a triangle.

So he said, "Remind people that this, you know, one of the things that really, really attracted me to you guys." And I said, "Okay, I’ll try to remember." Then, so that’s the story I’m telling for like three weeks. And then one night in front of 15,000 people, Lindsey says, "Well, actually, that’s not the reason that Mick was attracted to us." And I’m like, "WHAT!?" and he said, "Well, it really isn’t. If you remember, Stevie, they had just lost their guitar player and they were looking for a lead guitarist." So nowhere in the two words ‘lead guitarist’ does it say ‘lead guitarist and hippie girlfriend’. So he was right. So anyway. Okay, now I’m lost. So take it Lindsey. You can end this story.

Lindsey: Who, me? 

Stevie: Yes. Yes.

Lindsey: Oh. 

Stevie: Jump in.

Lindsey: Let’s see. Ooh. Alright. Welllll, *clears throat* Mick called me up. He said, "Lindsey!" I said, "Yes, Mick." He said, "Would you like to join Fleetwood Mac?" I said, "Well, Mick, you’ll have to take my girlfriend too!" Now that is loyalty! 

Stevie: Yes, it is. So.

Lindsey: Yessss. 

Stevie: Do you have something, do you have more? *laughs*

Lindsey: Um, well… 

Stevie: He’s going to talk.

Lindsey: No, I...

Stevie: No, he...

Lindsey: No, I was just going to say that, y’know, it worked out okay. 

Stevie: Alright, so then it did work okay and I would like to say - to end this little conversation with you that, you know, we pretend like we’re in our living room here - um, I would like to thank my boys up here for, first of all, to Lindsey for taking me with him into Fleetwood Mac. I thank you. I would also like to thank His Highness, Mr Mick Fleetwood, for taking both Lindsey and I into his wild ride into Alice in Wonderland’s Worllllllld! And for his good ear. Yes. No, I... John! Stand up. And I would like to thank the handsomest and the best bass player ever because I think what John McVie probably said was, "JUST TAKE THE GIRL!" So this song is called ‘Without You’. It is exactly as it was in 1973. Um, it’s on our little EP, and we hope you like it as much as we do.