Tacoma, WA - Tacoma Dome (05.20.2013)

Stevie: …YouTube! I’m not crazy about the computer world but I’m very happy that they somehow found our song. So anyway, this song really tells about the beginning of our relationship and how cool it was and how much fun we had. It was, you know, in those days it was everything that you would hope that it was; it was that fantastic and that experience of a lifetime that only a few get to have and we got to have it. Um, Mick likes me to tell you that when he first heard about us, he loved the way that we sounded together, the way that we sang together. But then of course my story that I’ve been telling for the last four weeks got all screwed up by realizing that that really isn’t what he heard first. What he heard first was Lindsey the guitar player. Because Fleetwood Mac needed a guitar player and that was certainly not me since I don’t really play. So, they needed Lindsey and fortunately Lindsey had this girlfriend that, lucky for me, the girlfriend and the waitress, he and Mick decided to take me with them. So I want to thank them both. Well, *looks at Lindsey* I know you decided, however…

Lindsey: I told Mick he had to take my girlfriend

Stevie: Okay, but Mick could’ve said, "I don’t want your girlfriend."

Lindsey: Well, that’s what (???)

Stevie: That’s true, you’re right! That’s true! We love getting into these discussions up here on stage in front of all these people.

Lindsey: But did it work out or what?

Stevie: It so worked out and that’s why I really do want to thank both of you boys for taking me along on this ride with you. (???) This song is called Without You and it really was the music that we founded so here it is just exactly as it was in 1974.