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[Edge of Seventeen - Stevie Nicks]

Starshine was a demo I cut with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers in the basement of Tom’s house, I think, in probably 1980, and, uh, it was destined to not make the record - the Bella Donna record - but, uh, I’m really glad that it didn’t because it was able to be on this record. And, um, so that’s how Starshine began.

[Starshine - Stevie Nicks]

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[You Wreck Me - Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers]

‘If You Were My Love’ is my own personal little Game of Thrones. I think that it’s me trying to protect somebody and I don’t remember exactly who it was who I was trying to protect but it was definitely someone. And it’s like right out of a medieval garden with the knight and the princess or the maiden are ensconced in that garden and something has happened to him and she’s trying to explain to him that ‘had I been there, you would have been safe’. And, um, but isn’t that how we always feel about everything - if we’d’ve been there, you would’ve been safe. And, but you weren’t there and they weren’t safe. And that’s what ‘If You Were My Love’ signifies and at the end when it says ‘they say everyone must remain faithful’ that’s what the original song said and I chose to just say ‘faithful’ at the end of it instead of putting in the ‘they say everyone must remain faithful’. It’s, uh, again metaphorically, you know, um, it’s how you wish everything would be. You wish, you wish everyone would always remain faithful. Or at least that you would know and that there would be truth and lots of times there just isn’t. And you can’t protect people.

[If You Were My Love - Stevie Nicks]

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[Electric Feel - MGMT]

‘Someone That I Used To Know’ by Gotye. Uh, this song is, as my friend Steven Tyler said, one of those songs that truly does change the face of music. Um, it was playing out of every apartment, out of every house, out, I’m sure, out of every dorm just like, uh, songs like Led Zeppelin were being played out of every house and every dorm and, uh, every car when I was going to San Jose State in the seventies. Um, it’s such an amazing song. It’s so simple. It’s kind of like something that could’ve been on Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Tusk’ record. Um, just very tribal, very simple and just this crazy story, you know, about two people who are breaking up but when he gets to that chorus and says ‘you didn’t have to cut me up’, I think again, we all feel that way sometimes, you know, like when somebody breaks up with us or flip it, when we break up with somebody, sometimes you’re just so mean. And, you know, you didn’t have to cut me up. You could’ve just broken up with me and left. You didn’t have to make my life so miserable for a year after and, uh, it’s what we do. Unfortunately. But this song really, I think, brought it to the forefront and everybody loved it. The whole world loved it. It was like a huge world music hit and, uh, so I think that we as artists, we all strive to write that song and hope that someday that we will write that song. Um, and I’m sure that the lead singer of Gotye, hopes he will write that song again. Because sometimes those are, you can never beat those songs. They’re just so good and so beautifully crafted that there’s, you’ll never, you’re never going to exactly reach that again. So, um, this is that song. ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’, Gotye.

[Somebody That I Used To Know - Gotye]

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[Rhiannon - Fleetwood Mac]

Mabel Normand was written about, uh, an old-time movie star, silent movie star, from the twenties who, uh, was poised to be great. She was a very famous silent movie star but she was on her way to being a director and producer and a writer, and she got really involved in drugs and danced over to the dark side. And I related to that because in 1985 when I wrote this I was dancing towards that same dark street. Uh, she died. It was very sad. And it scared me. It was one of the reasons that I actually packed a bag and went to rehab. So I think it’s an important song. It’s my favorite song on the record.

[Mabel Normand - Stevie Nicks]

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[Rolling In The Deep - Adele]

‘Twisted’ was written in 1995 for a movie called ‘Twister’ and I was actually approached to write it for this movie. So I kinda, uh, I went and saw the movie without any music in it and really, uh, you know, got the gist of what these crazy people do when they follow these tornadoes around in cars and, um, are almost killed, and why they do it is to protect us and to be able, you know, warn the, uh, American public or wherever that there’s a tornado coming. And, um, so, it was pretty, you know, pretty violent and scary and so I went and I wrote this song called ‘Twisted’ and, um, uh, I recorded it with Lindsey for the movie and, uh, we did a, uh, you know, we did a movie version of this song. And, um, years and years later - like a couple of months ago - I was listening to, uh, some demos and the ‘Twister’ demo that I had originally made in my house in Phoenix, um, came on and at first I didn’t recognize it because it’s very, very different than the version that went in the movie. And I just went like, I just love this song and I think song deserves another chance because I think any song that goes into a movie - unless it’s a huge, you know, unless it’s like a, you know, Terminator movie or something - is gonna be heard, seen for a second and never thought of again. So I thought this song deserves to be re—recorded and re-done and so I just decided that it should be on this record. So I took it with me to Nashville and, of course, they did it exactly like my demo which I loved because that’s the way I really always wanted it to be, anyway. And it’s, you know, it’s not just a song about tornadoes; it’s a song about when a man or a woman comes into your life and they are a tornado and they almost just wipe you out and, uh, so it’s, it is a love song. And it’s kind of a crazy love song and, um, I’m very proud of it because it is so much what I always wanted it to be and I hope everybody, you know, everybody has their ‘She Loves Him Still’ and everybody has their tornado. So, this is for all the tornadoes in peoples’ lives that are actually human.

[Twisted - Stevie Nicks]

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[Iris - Goo Goo Dolls]

’24 Karat Gold’ which ended up to be ’24 Karat Gold: Songs from The Vault’ was, um, inspired by Mick Fleetwood because when I first met him he had a few pieces of, uh, 24 karat gold jewelry which I had never seen before. It’s a certain kind of gold, the, it’s 24 karat, it’s real, it’s very heavy, it’s very beautiful, it’s like yellow-gold. And I was very taken with that gold and, uh, so I immediately started collecting little pieces of 24 karat gold jewelry and that was my special stuff. But the song, uh, ended up years later when Mick and I had a relationship being kind of written about that relationship, and how difficult it was and how that relationship was just doomed. Just like the Blue Water. *laughs* All my songs are just doomed. Um, it was a doomed relationship, you know. Probably should never have happened but did and was intense and difficult and, uh, when you listen to it I think you can hear the angst and the sadness that went along with that particular time in my life. So this is called ’24 Karat Gold’.

[24 Karat Gold - Stevie Nicks]

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[Stand Back - Stevie Nicks]

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[Call Me Maybe - Carly Rae Jepsen]

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[Ready For The Weekend - Calvin Harris]

‘Belle Fleur’ actually should’ve gone on ‘Bella Donna’. It was definitely written for ‘Bella Donna’ and, um, I think the only reason it didn’t go on ‘Bella Donna’ was because there was probably, you know, seventeen or eighteen songs that I really loved that were recorded and ready to go, and in the end I’m sure that Jimmy Iovine said ‘Well, you have to drop four songs’. And, um, I probably had a breakdown and then I had to drop four songs, and so, you know, there’s no reason or rhyme to what songs you drop. I call them the golden songs because they’re never the ones you want to drop. They’re always usually the songs that, for some reason, you have too many fast songs, or you have too many slow songs, or too many mid-tempo songs. Um, but meaning of ‘Belle Fleur’, it was written on all the times that I, as a woman, uh, in rock and roll, have to go on tour and, you know, so whoever was my boyfriend at the time, it’s always like ‘Well, I’m going. And of course you can’t go with me. And I’m probably going to be gone for a long time. And I don’t really know when I’ll be back. And even if I think I’ll be back in two months, I probably won’t be back in two months’. So there’s that metaphor of, uh, me walking out the front door towards the limousine and, uh, and the man in your life is standing there kind of waving with the sad look on their face going like ‘This sucks’. And, uh, you look back over your shoulder and you feel really bad because there’s nothing you can do about it when you’re a woman in rock and roll. Because when duty calls, off you go. And, you know, you can’t, you really can’t take your boyfriends with you the road because they don’t have a job out there and so they don’t have a job, nobody wants them there. And so nobody’s really very nice to your boyfriends when you take them on the road because there’s nothing for them to do and, uh, so you feel sorry for them and it breaks you up anyway so, um, ‘as I run to the door of the long black car’, um, you’re saying goodbye and you’re looking back and you feel really bad but you don’t have any choice. So that’s what ‘Belle Fleur’ is for.

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[Thank U - Alanis Morissette]

‘All The Beautiful Worlds’ is one of the few songs that I honestly don’t remember who it was about. Um, I know it’s about the dark side, whatever the dark side is, whether it was, you know, drugs or, I don’t know, just going and hanging out with not very cool people or taking the dangerous route. Um, whatever it was, it was a little frightening and I decided to write something about it and, um, I think there’s a lesson somewhere in this song if people listen for it. ‘I know where you go and I know what you do’. Um, sometimes people get lost in the darkness and as it’s so interesting said on ‘Bella Donna’, ‘come in out of the darkness’. I think that ‘All The Beautiful Worlds’ is kind of another call to people to come in out of the darkness and, uh, so it has a curious and interesting message.

[All The Beautiful Worlds - Stevie Nicks]

‘Crash Into Me’, Dave Matthews. I love this song so much that I decided I wanted to do it for my PBS Special in 2007 and I invited Dave Matthews to come and sing it with me and I think he was having a baby or something, his wife was having a baby, so he couldn’t come. And, but I always thought he might be able to come anyway. At the last minute. So I sat on my bed for two months and, I kid you not, and I sang that song every night for two months along to Dave Matthews. And I got his phrasing down exactly. And, um, so that just in case he showed up I would know it so perfect that it would be perfect and he’d be happy. But if he didn’t come, I kind of changed two or three lines a little tiny bit and made it into the female Dave Matthews version and, um, unfortunately he didn’t show cos he couldn’t but I went ahead and did it and I’m ever so proud of the, uh, version I did of it because it really was just sung so through his eyes. Um, and you know you really have to love somebody’s song to learn it that well and learn the phrasing and, not just so you can sing along in the car but so that you can sing it and film it for ever, and have it come across and be, you know, be not as good as Dave Matthews’ version but be as good as you could make it, and especially from a feminine point of view. And I’m very, very proud of how it came out and I have heard on the grapevine that he was proud of it too. So it’s one of my very favorite songs of all time. So, here it is, ‘Crash Into Me’ by Dave Matthews.

[Crash - Dave Matthews]

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[All This Time - Sting]

‘Lady’ was written right after Lindsey and I moved to Los Angeles. We had, uh, rented a small space to rehearse in and the man who owned the space actually gave us a big, white upright carved grand piano that was in pretty bad shape but sounded good. And, um, asked me if I wanted it and I said ‘Well, of course I want it. Even though I don’t play piano. But I’ll learn’. And so, um, we took it to our apartment and, uh, I started plunking around on it and this was when Linds and I were, you know, we didn’t, we were scared. For sure. About being in Los Angeles and we were wondering if we should’ve stayed in San Francisco and stuck, tried to get a record deal up there. We had actually moved to LA because we thought the music’s in San Francisco but the record deals are in LA. So we packed up and moved to Los Angeles to get a record deal and, but it was a very, um, unnerving time cos we knew we were really good and we believed in ourselves and our producer Keith Olsen believed in us but it was still, you know, there was no money and we weren’t doing gigs; we were just really working on songs and anyway, I think this was probably the first song I wrote on that piano which means it was the first song I ever wrote on a piano. It was like, you know, probably preceded Rhiannon by six or seven songs. By Rhiannon I was playing a little bit better but the chords on ‘Lady’ strangely enough are incredibly complex or so I’m told by anyone who actually knows how to play. Um, and it was, you know, it was just a time and it was a time where we were on our journey and we believed in it but we were hoping we weren’t, wouldn’t fail. And, uh, it says, you know, ‘I know that things have gotta change but how to change them isn’t clear, I’m tired of knocking on doors when there’s nobody there’. Uh, it was hard. So I named it ‘Lady’ because I felt that some spirit up there was saying ‘you’re going to make it, you’re going to get there, don’t give up’.

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[Dreams - Fleetwood Mac]

‘California Love’. Tupac Shakur. Mad Max. Love it. Um, sometimes I play this song right before we get ready to go onstage with Fleetwood Mac and, um, so we put it on really loud in my dressing room. And then when we get the knock on the door that’s like ‘c’mon, let’s go’, the door opens and we’re just blasting it and out comes Stevie Nicks just, like, rockin’ her bad self to ‘California Love’ and I think that everybody in the hallway looks at me like ‘Who are you?’ Um, because it just isn’t at all what they expect from me and, uh, that’s me and my variety of different kinds of music that I love. And, uh, then we kinda like rock down the hall and it’s a great song to play before you go onstage and it, uh, makes you laugh and it makes you, uh, feel like dancing and it makes you feel like going onstage in front of 16,000 people so it wins out in every different category. So this is ‘California Love’.

[California Love - 2Pac feat. Dr. Dre]

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[Bye Bye Bye - ’N Sync]

‘I Don’t Care’ was, uh, a track that Mike Campbell sent me and we’re not even sure when he sent it to me. It had to be somewhere in the eighties, maybe even in the earlier eighties, I’m not sure because I wrote the chorus, just the one chorus line, the ‘I don’t care what you do, where you go, I just care that you love me’. That’s really all the words there were And, uh, I put the song away. And I pulled it out when I was going through all the songs for this record and, um, I thought this is a, first of all this is just a magnificent track and, second of all, it has a good chorus, and maybe I can write some more words for it. And, uh, so off I went to Nashville and we couldn’t remember whose track it was be- that’s how it old it was. So I called everybody who would ever send me a track and nobody would cop to the fact that they’d written it. So we were actually to the point where we were just going to, I was just going to put it out and wait for the author of the track to call me. And finally we sent it to Mike at the very last minute and he said ‘Yeah, I wrote it’ and I said ‘Well, okay, well, hold onto your horses cos I’m recording it in Nashville’ and he said ‘Cool’ and, uh, so we did, and, um, I wrote like the, more choruses and I wrote, um, two new verses and I actually, all these songs were recorded live. I was in a vocal booth and, uh, the band, you know, was in a big room and then the keyboardist was in a vocal booth, or in a keyboard booth. And, uh, pretty much the entirety of ‘I Don’t Care’ is live, right off the top of my head where I just had some new words that I had written, and I just, uh, the band kept playing so I just kept singing and I could never do that vocal again so I didn’t. And when I went back and listened to it, I said ‘I can never do that vocal again’. Maybe I can do it onstage but I sure as heck can’t do it again in the studio cos it’s, it’s so crazy and what I love about it is that it was, you know, it was started somewhere in the early eighties and, but yet it was finished up by a sixty-six year old woman in Nashville in 2014. And I’m pretty proud of that because I think that Led Zeppelin and Robert Plant and Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones, I think they’d be very proud of me when they hear this song. So I’m really excited. It’s my own little piece of Stairway to Heaven. So I’m really, I really love it and I’m really proud of it.

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[Midnight Rider - Allman Brothers Band]

‘Watch Chain’ really, uh, sort of, uh, started, the idea for Watch Chain started at the beginning of Mick’s and I’s relationship at the end of 1978. Um, and it really was a lot about Mick’s style, his perfectly, you know, bespoke handmade coats and vests and jeans. Because he’s six foot five and you can’t just get off the rack stuff when you’re that tall and, um, his 24 karat gold fob watches, and jewelry that I was so taken with. And so it was really about that, and that is how he still dresses today so it’s, it’s his enduring style that I was very taken with when I first met him in 1975 and unforgettable, really. And, um, so I compared him to ‘you’re just a watch chain, a watch devil’, so I kind of made it into a little character and, um, the part about, um, ‘beware the danger as you cross the great water’ was about, um, his dad had cancer and he was really dying of cancer and Mick had flown from New York back to England and it was really a scary time because all of Fleetwood Mac really loved Mick’s dad and we were all so hoping that he would pull out of it. And, um, Mick was gone for awhile, you know, like several days, and, um, everybody was just like shaking in their boots in New York because it was just a horrible thing and, really, all those things came together to make me write the song ‘Watch Chain’ and, um, I think Mick really enjoys it because he is such a stylin’ kind of guy, you know, and he’s so English and, uh, he’s proud of his style and influenced all of us, the girls like to dress like Mick and the boys like to dress like Mick. We all did so - Anyway, it’s just kind of a, it’s just kind of a hats off to someone who dresses beautiful and, uh, someone who dresses beautifully and, uh, to somebody that we all really loved and to someone that, uh, that I cared about.

[Watch Chain - Stevie Nicks]

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[When You Were Young - The Killers]

The first song that I want to talk about is a song by Haim. It’s called ‘Go Slow’ and, uh, I’ve been listening to this song probably for the last little less than two months, getting ready for a big tour and it’s been like my saving grace because it reminds me so much things that I have written and I, uh, it’s like I have written these words myself. ‘Go slow so that I can hear everything you’re saying. Now I know you’re going, you just threw this away. You know I ain’t going to take it. Go slow. You know you ain’t going to make it. I know. I can’t make you stay. But I’ll be hurting from the heat. Running from the heat. And I hate who I’ve become. I know. I’m giving in and believing every lie. For now, the moon, it’s night. I turn off the light.’ Those are their lyrics but in so many ways those could be my lyrics and that’s why I love these girls because I know they’re influenced by me and that makes me feel like I did something in this world. Um, this song is so beautifully written and when it comes on, it’s like it pulls me up out of my chair or it pulls me, if I’m walking through the house and I have it on repeat, it just keeps me moving, and every time I hear it, I love it more. And these girls have tapped into having that ability to tap into the heart of man, I think, and bring out how we all feel and, uh, I don’t many people who do that anymore. And, uh, they can just make you just start slowly dancing around a room and singing this and loving it and wanting to hear it again the second that it ends. Um, I think these girls are going to be a huge force in rock and roll and, uh, when it says ‘I hate who I’ve become’, sometimes people do that to you, the make you turn into people you don’t like, they make you nasty and mean and hateful and they make you do things you would never do. But you do them because you’re just so hurt and you’re so stressed and things are just not going the way you want them to go and it just, it’s kind of killing you, and you hate that but you don’t know how to change it. So ‘for now, the moon, it’s night, you turn off the light’. The best. ‘Go Slow’. This is Haim.

[Go Slow - Haim]

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[Rooms On Fire - Stevie Nicks]

‘Hard Advice’ was actually one of the youngest songs. It was written probably around 1994 and it was, uh, really about a good old, old-fashioned lecture from Tom Petty. Um, I was kind of going through kind of a hard time at that point and he came through Phoenix and, uh, The Heartbreakers were playing in Phoenix and I had dinner with him at the Ritz Carlton and told him kind of what I was going through and he just gave me some of his typical ‘tell it like it is’ Tom advice and, um, I’d asked him to write a song, to help me to write a song, and he said ‘No, I’m not helping you write a song cos I don’t think you need my help cos I think you’re a great songwriter and I think you can write your own songs so just go home and, you know, write a poem and go the piano like you do and do what you do best, which is write songs. You don’t need my help. And, uh, this problem that you’re going through, get over it.’ And, uh, and I did. I got in the car and went back to my house in Phoenix and sat down at my desk, wrote a poem and went to my Bösendorfer and wrote ‘Hard Advice’ and, uh, I don’t even think Tom’s heard it yet. So I’m really, um, I’m really interested to how he’s going to feel about hearing his words come right back at him on this song. ‘Hard Advice’. For Tom Petty.

[Hard Advice - Stevie Nicks]

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[Wildflowers - Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers]

‘Golden’ by Lady Antebellum. I think this is one of the most beautiful ballads ever written and I was lucky enough, in the end result, to sing on it. I got to do it live with them at Crossroads and then got to actually go back in the studio and put a part on it. Uh, a part that I did when we did the live, the filming of Crossroads. And, um, it really is that song that says, you know, if you find somebody that you love and at the end of that relationship, that is going to be that last beautiful face you’re ever going to want to see. And that whichever one of you goes first, uh, the heavens are going to open up and reach down and that hand is going to pull you up out of the clouds and you will be golden. And, um, it affected me greatly, that song. So I love singing it as much as I love listening to it. it’s sort of a two-fold joy for me and, um, it kind of, uh, cemented my relationship with Lady Antebellum. They’re one of my favorite groups of all time and I would be happy to be in a band with Lady Antebellum and just be a country singer and tour the world with them. That’s how much I think that, that’s how special I think they are. Um, so, this is that song. ‘Golden’ by Lady Antebellum.

[Golden - Lady Antebellum]

‘Carousel’ was written by Vanessa Carlton, uh, for her record ‘Rabbits on the Run’ which came out just about the same time that my record ‘In Your Dreams’ came out in 2011. And, um, at the end of 2011, uh, at Christmas, Vanessa always, for the last several years, comes to my house. She chooses to come and spend Christmas with the Nickses. Um, can’t quite figure that out but she does so, she arrives on the 23rd every year. And, um, my mom was in the hospital and she was very sick. Not sick enough that we thought she wasn’t going to make it; we thought she was going to totally make it and, so we went to the hospital every day and she had, uh, heart disease and, uh, on the 26th Vanessa decided to go meet her own family in Tuscon at the Dude Ranch where she actually should’ve been anyway and, um, so she left for about eight hours and then she called and said ‘Should I come back? How’s your mom doing?’ And I said ‘She’s not doing very well’ and she said ‘Should I come back?’ and I said ‘I can’t really tell you, Vanessa, to come back or not. I, that’s up to you.’ And an hour later she was back and, um, probably the next morning on the 27th we were on our way to the hospital and I was, and I was getting like more visibly upset every day. And I said to her ‘you know how much my mom loves the song Carousel’ and I said ‘fortunately or unfortunately for you, Vanessa, I think that this is forever going to be my mom’s song’. And we were halfway to the hospital and I was thinking to myself ‘I wish I could sing it’ and, um, Vanessa, in her tiniest little voice, just started to sing it in the backseat and sing the whole acapella. And right as the very last ‘white rabbit’s on the run’ ended we drove up to the hospital and, um, got out and went to see mom. And, um, she, she stayed by my side for that whole thing, from when she got there on the 23rd and I guess it meant so much to me because everybody that was there cared and was trying to help me and be there for me and were. But Vanessa was the only person that didn’t have to be there. You know, all my relatives and my friends and my assistant and my, you know, everybody that is in my life was there. But only Vanessa didn’t have to be there. And she never left my side. And, um, in a situation like that, you never forget that. So when my mom did pass away on the night of the 28th, um, Vanessa stayed for eleven more days and, um, so I consider her, you know, one of top, like, three most important people in my life. Because of that. Because that was the most loyalist and sweetest and dearest thing I think that anybody’s ever done for me. And so I decided to record ‘Carousel’ for my mom. And so Vanessa and I and my niece Jessi sang it because I wanted it to be from - my mom’s name was Barbara. I wanted it to be from Barbara’s granddaughter, from her daughter, and from her friend Vanessa. And I wanted it on that disc forever so that we would always have the memory of those days of, those last days of my mom. And, um, it came out great and I know that my mother is up there going ‘that’s my girls, that’s my girls singing for me’ and she hears us and I know she does. So I’m really proud and happy that we were able to get that song done.

[Carousel - Stevie Nicks]

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[These Days - Jackson Browne]

‘Blue Water’ came from a story I wrote about a ladybug and a goldfish falling in love, interspecial relationship that was doomed from the beginning, and, uh, ‘Blue Water’ was the ladybug song. And it was, uh, about how she would go and stand on her rock and wait for her ladybug [sic] to come so they could like talk and, uh, I held it back for many years, many, many years like, uh, since, it was written in like the beginning of the seventies. Uh, and I finally just decided let it go because I felt that the world might need to have it. So this is called ‘Blue Water’.

[Blue Water - Stevie Nicks]

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[One Of Us - Joan Osborne]

‘How To Save A Life’ by The Fray. The first time I ever heard this song, I heard it on Grey’s Anatomy which is one of my favorite songs [sic] and of course whoever does their music is brilliant and, um, I was so taken by this song. And, um, and I didn’t know exactly what it was about but I knew it was about something important and, uh, I eventually heard the lead singer of The Fray tell the story that he had gone to, uh, rehab with a friend one night and spent the night there and, uh, tried to talk to this person about where he was going and, uh, if he was going to make it. And, um, unless you’ve ever been to rehab, you probably wouldn’t get it, but since I have been to rehab twice, I totally got it. And I think it’s just one of those most beautiful songs ever written about one of the most serious subjects that you can possibly write about, about seriously sitting and looking into somebody’s eyes and saying ‘You just can’t do this, you cannot go this way. It is a dead end route and, uh, you have to stop’. And it’s really hard to talk to a drug addict because drug addicts don’t normally want to give up drugs so when you’re really trying to speak with somebody that’s on that path, it’s very hard to draw them back. And so I think this song was great to write because you hear it. You hear the angst that he felt, when you hear how problematic it is and how much love there was there so, uh, I think it’s a beautiful song and, uh, an important song and we should, uh, cherish this song. ‘How To Save A Life’ by The Fray.

[How To Save A Life - The Fray]

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[Building A Mystery - Sarah McLachlan]

‘Cathouse Blues’ was written, I think, in 1969 before Lindsey and I moved to Los Angeles. Um, it was written about a crazy bunch of cartoon cats that, there’s three girl cats and lived kind of in the same streets and they were up on their fence and they were singing and they hung out with all the, they were a little bit on the seedy side. And, um, they were like a little blues group of cats and I always saw it as a cartoon and, um, I don’t know why we never recorded this because it’s such a cool little song that it probably would’ve done very well whether I had recorded it with Fleetwood Mac or just on my own. But anyway, it’s kind of good that it was never recorded because it got to be on 24 Karat Gold so here it is it’s called ‘Cathouse Blues’.

[Cathouse Blues - Stevie Nicks]

The song is ‘Try’ by P!nk. It is one of my very favorite songs for many reasons. Um, sometimes when I feel like I just can’t go one more step, I put that song on, which is a lot. And I listen to it. And it seems to, her message is that, you know, everybody gets burned but just because you get burned doesn’t mean you’re gonna die and, as heavy as those words sound, it’s just so true. Cos we do all get burned and things happen and we don’t die. We get over it and we get through it, and every time I hear the beginning of that song start, it makes me like go like ‘it’s gonna be okay’. And I always kinda thank her. I always say ‘thank you, P!nk, for this song, because it really helps me to know that there is, there is another side to this question and I’m going to come through it to the other side’. So, I thank her for her beautiful song that I listen to all the time. So this is ‘Try’ by P!nk.

[Try - P!nk]

‘I Gotta Feeling’ by the Black Eyed Peas. I really think this song changed the face of world music, uh. It reached out to all different kinds of music people in all different genres and it’s one of those, you know, get up and dance songs that makes you, uh, that makes you want to go do what you do and because of that, I love it. It gives me energy. So here it is, uh, ‘I Gotta Feeling’ by the Black Eyed Peas.

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[Landslide - Fleetwood Mac]

‘The Dealer’ I think was written about me trying to make a point about something, and I was using the metaphor of a cardgame to say that I was in control of the situation. And since I don’t remember exactly who this was about, I can’t quite remember what situation it was, but I can definitely tell that it was something where somebody was either up against the wall - you know who - or, uh, ‘this is what I want you to do’ and I didn’t want to be told what to do, or ‘I think you need to change this and do it another way’ and I’m not reacting very well to that, uh, advice. So I made that whole song up around me trying to tell people ‘Just leave me alone and let me write my songs and keep your nose out of what I’m saying’ because sometimes when you’re a songwriter, you really don’t want everybody’s help and everybody’s always willing to jump in there and help you, and you don’t really want it because you’re a writer, and being a writer is being a solo person. So I think that I was just comparing that somehow to a game of cards or like poker. Uh, you know, where you’re, you’re, not only are you the dealer but you’re also playing. Somehow I feel that that was what that was about too. I wasn’t just the dealer; I was also one of the cardplayers. So I was in both roles, which probably makes absolutely no sense to anyone. So really what I would like for people to do with this song is just interpret it yourself, and make it your own, and make it mean what it means for you. Because, really, that’s all we, as writers, can ask for, is that you can interpret it. It’s not, you know, it’s not meant to just be my interpretation. It’s meant to be interpreted by the world in their own way. So this is ‘The Dealer’.

[The Dealer - Stevie Nicks]

‘She Loves Him Still’ I think is that song that all of us women have. About the one that got away. And the one that we will always love, no matter what. No matter how many years go by, no matter how old we get, our memories of this one particular person will always live in our heart and will always come to us at the strangest times. And all of a sudden we’ll be standing on the beach and looking at the ocean and standing next to this person that was so very special to us. And it says in the song, you know, she, basically, she’s saying that not even he himself can change that. She loves him still. Doesn’t matter what anybody says or people say, you know, ‘Well, it was really a horrible relationship and you were so miserable and I don’t even know how you lived through it’ and all those things that people say to you. As the days go by, those bad parts fade away and the things that weren’t good about the relationship just kind of, you know, kind of roll away from your brain, and what you think of is the great things about that particular relationship. That is really the one you think of when you get old. And it comes back to you all the time. And, um, I love that I wrote this song a long time ago and I love that it’s on this record now and I love that it’s the last song because I always like to close my songs, I mean, my records, with, um, a ballad. And I do think that all women have this man in their life. So this song is for all women to relate to because I know it happens. I know it has happened to every one of us. And so I wrote it down for everyone.

[She Loves Him Still - Stevie Nicks]

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[Hanging By A Moment - Lifehouse]

Tom Petty, new album, Hypnotic Eye. ‘American Dream Plan B’. You wreck me, Tom. I swear to god, this album sounds like twenty years ago or maybe thirty. It is, uh, I think this is the best record he’s made in a long time. Maybe since like Damn The Torpedoes. First of all, it’s uncanny how much he sounds like he sounded. Not that he doesn’t always sound like he sounds, cos when you see him in concert, he sounds exactly the same. But on record, you know, as we get a little older, our voices change a little bit and we don’t sound exactly like we did. But I don’t know, I think he took a ‘Tom Petty from the seventies’ pill and rocked his way through three years of writing this record because it is all, uh, so vintage Tom. And since he’s like my best friend, I’m so proud of him, and I think that this song ‘American Dream Plan B’ is so rockin’ and it’s so him. It’s so what he believes. It’s a little bit political, it’s, uh, a little bit, you know, Tom and his lectures, and, uh, he’s telling ya how he feels about everything. And he also is like, you know, nailing a lot of people at the same time and, um, but of course you’ll never know who. I mean, not even I will ever know who. But he, uh, you know, writes for everybody but at the same time I think, more than that, he really writes for himself and, uh, he’s got a beautiful girl in his life and I think he writes a lot about her. And, uh, everybody needs somebody great to write about so, lucky him. Um, anyway, I think this is a great song and if I could just have my own Tom Petty radio station on iHeart Radio, I’d be happy, because I have so many fantastic songs on this I’d like to play, and then I’d like to go back through all his other songs too so it’s like, you know, you cannot go wrong with Tom Petty. He’s just a, he’s a magic man. So, uh, here it is, ‘American Dream Plan B’. Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers.

[American Dream Plan B - Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers]

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[Go Your Own Way - Fleetwood Mac]

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[Edge of Seventeen - Stevie Nicks]