St. Paul, MN - Xcel Energy Center (04.28.2013)

Stevie: Well, this next song has a little bit of an explanation because it’s a - It might be new to you but it’s actually very old. Then again, it might not be new to you because you might already have it. This being, thank you to YouTube, um. In 2010 some friends of mine found a song on YouTube that, uh, was written a long time ago. Lindsey and I are not exactly sure when it was written but we think that it was a poem that was written probably before we moved to LA in 1971, or maybe right after. Um, and it’s a song about how cool our relationship was and how crazy we were and how much in love we were and how much we loved to sing and how hard we had worked on our craft. And we were very, we thought, we knew that we had something to offer, and we were like on our way to find out.

So anyway, this song re-appears in 2010, and I bring it to Lindsey and he’s like, he’s like what can he say but ‘wow’. And when you hear it, the demo, it’s like you know that we must have practiced the song 3,000 times because we know it so well, even now, thirty-five years later. Wow. And it really tells you the story of who we were and what we were doing, and it was great. It was a blast. And, um, Mick always wants me to remind you that these are the voices and the phrasings that he heard when he was looking for some people - or a person, whatever - to join his - exactly, just him; I kind of came with the package. But um, he was looking, you know, for people to join Fleetwood Mac because all his guitar players left. I don’t know why. And so there you go. Thank you, Mick, for - Thank you for getting us out of that hole that we were in. Thank you. So everyone, this song is called ‘Without You’.