San Jose, CA - HP Pavilion (05.22.2013)

Stevie: …could’ve been written before we moved from here to Los Angeles, and it’s absolutely the nicest poem that I’ve ever written about Lindsey and myself. Ever. And somehow the poem disappeared and then the Buckingham Nicks album came out and then it tanked and then we started a new Buckingham Nicks album. And so I think that we then put this poem to music and it became, probably, the first or second song we recorded for our second Buckingham Nicks album. Which never happened. And so anyway, it got lost. It just got, under the carpet, we never saw or heard it again. Until 2010, when some friends of ours were on - you guessed it - YouTube, and they found this song. So somebody had actually stolen it from us and then like brought it back so we never knew. And then we lost it. Song gone.

So anyway, the end of my story is totally screwed up, because I used to say: Mick said to remind you that these voices and this singing, like in this song, were what, were one of the things that attracted Mick to us. But then we remembered and Lindsey reminded me that they were actually looking for a guitar player. Not a duo. So what happened was that, because he was such a loyal boyfriend, he said that he was not going to join the band if he couldn’t take his girlfriend. Who was a waitress at the time. And a cleaning lady. So I just want to really thank you, Lindsey, and thank you, Mick Fleetwood, for taking me out of the horrible rut I was in and taking me with you! Thank you so much!

Lindsey: I think it worked out okaaay!

Stevie: I know a lot of stories. So anyway, this song is called Without You and, um, it’s exactly as we did it in probably, we think, 1974.