Sacramento, CA - Sleep Train Arena (07.06.2013)

Stevie: It’s been the thing we’ve laughed about this entire tour because it started out as a little tiny introduction that was like 30 seconds and ended up, I think the longest time we did it was nine minutes. So it’s not going to be nine minutes tonight. Well, maybe. Um, anyway, this is the story. So in 1970 I was living in San Francisco, me and Lindsey were living in San Francisco and, um, I wrote a poem. He and I were going out and we were involved in a huge musical love affair. We were in the middle of the greatest San Francisco musical thing you could imagine and it was totally fantastic and we were writing like crazy and so I wrote this poem, this very beautiful poem about Lindsey and I. And, um, it was probably the nicest thing I ever wrote about the two of us. And I’m not just saying about him but about the two of us together. And so then, y’know, I don’t always put my poems to music right away so the poem went in a drawer and sometime in the next two years or year – I don’t even know – we hopped in Lindsey’s Buick Skylark and drove to Los Angeles with 12 songs and got a record deal. That was our mission. So we got a record deal, we made a record, it was the Buckingham Nicks record. It came out in 1973 and it came out to high critical, critical, high critical acclaim. And then Polydor records just dropped it three months later. So that was not high, that was low. And Lindsey and I were freaked out, completely, and we really didn’t know what to do so we did what all struggling musicians do – we decided we would start another Buckingham Nicks record.

So we conned a very great, old music studio out in the valley of Los Angeles into giving us free time and we went in there and started making another record. So that’s when we think that this song, Without You, uh, that’s when we think we put it to music. Not sure but that’s what we think. So, anyway, we made a really good demo and then, as many demos did in those days – Our house was full of cassettes, thousands of ‘em, and someone stole our cassette of Without You. Because it disappeared. For quite a while. And then whoever stole it, whether it was one of our sleazy friends or one of our good friends who thought, ‘I’ll keep it because they’re gonna lose it’, they brought it back so we never knew it got stolen. And then we lost it. So that was the second time it was lost. So, um, then the song was gone. So down the road we, uh – this is where I get off track – this is where Lindsey walks away from the microphone, "What is she talking about?" So, um, this is our last night and I am so tired and that’s why I’m completely crazy. So, anyway, bear with me. So the song then re-appeared on my least favourite thing in the world, YouTube. And some my friends of got it off, I said, "Well get it off and put it on a CD so I can play it for Lindsey." So we did and I played it for Lindsey and I said, "The song, it’s back." And I said, "Do you remember this song?" and he’s like, "Well, yeah, it’s us" and I’m like, "It is, huh, and it’s really good so we should record it." So we did.

We went to Lindsey’s house at the end of last year and we recorded it and we recorded it, we were very loyal to the original demo and, um, and Mick said – this is where the story gets complicated – So Mick says to me, "When we go out on the road – *to Mick* don’t hide, don’t hide." Mick says, "Don’t forget to remind the audience that this is one the things, on this song, that really attracted me to you guys, the way that Lindsey plays and the way the two of you sing to the way that he plays." Because Lindsey and I sing and play in a very counterpoint way. And I think that that is really what makes what he and I do very special. So he said, "Remind the audience of that." So I went, "Okay" and so for the first three weeks we’re out there, my story is right to here and I’m reminding the audience. And one night Lindsey says, in front of 15 or 16 thousand people, "Hang on! That is NOT what happened. What happened is Fleetwood Mac’s guitar player had quit and they were looking for a lead guitarist." I said, "Yes, they were." And he said, he didn’t say this, I said this – Nowhere in the words ‘lead guitarist’ did it say ‘lead guitarist and hippie girlfriend’. *says thank you twice in reply to laughs and a wolf whistle* But, so I wasn’t really asked [???] to join the band. So anyway, but Lindsey was so, at this point I throw the entire story over to Lindsey *does throwing motion*. Take it, Lindsey!

Lindsey: Me? [???] Okay. Well, let’s see. What happened then? Oh, I know. Well, yes, it’s true. We had run into Mick at the studio and he had heard one of our songs only, I believe. And we’d only met Mick once. A couple of weeks later he, uh, he called me back. He said, "Lindsey?" *mimes phone call* I said, "Yes, Mick?" He said, "Would you consider joining Fleetwood Mac?" And I said, "Well, Mick, Mick, if, uh..." *repeats what an audience member says* Yeah, way to go, Mick. *thumbs up* Always the eye for talent. *laughs* But, you know, he said, "Would you like to join Fleetwood Mac?" and I said, "Well, Mick, if you take me, you got to take my girlfriend too!" Yeeah. And that, that is *in lower voice* love, baby.

Stevie: So that beautiful sentiment being stated by Mr Buckingham, this is what I then do in the story. I want to thank all three of the boys up here. First of all, I would like to thank Lindsey for telling Mick that he wouldn’t join Fleetwood Mac unless they took me too. Thank you, Lindsey. Because I was really tired of being a waitress and a cleaning lady. Still. I could go back to it in a minute. And I’d like to tell Mick Fleetwood, Mick, thank you for taking Lindsey and I through your mad Alice in Wonderland journey down through the century of life. We thank you, both of us, so much.

And last but not certainly not least, I would like to thank the best bass player in the whole world because he was married to the other woman in the band and he never said, you know, "I don't think this is really a good idea." So you went along with it cos John really could have switched (?) the whole thing, I think, actually. Well, you know what, on the next tour when we go to Australia, we'll discuss that part of the story. Oh, he can't wait. *laughs* So, thank you, Johnny Mac. Appreciate it. (???) So this is it, this is the little song. It's called Without You.