Rosemont, IL - Allstate Arena (06.14.2013)

Stevie: Well, this next song has caused us much laughter on the airplanes after these shows because the, uh, the introduction to it started out at about like a minute and half, and the song’s probably three minutes, and has worked itself up to a half hour. And, um, but no, I’m trying to shorten it but trying to shorten it is harder than leaving it as it was. But I shall try tonight. One day in 1970 I wrote a poem about Lindsey and I up in San Francisco. And, um, it was probably the most beautiful poem I ever wrote about the two of us and obviously, as he will talk to you later about how difficult it became later, it was not difficult when this poem was written. Everything was just easy and beautiful and we were young and crazy and nuts and everything was difficult and hard to do but we were having a great time trying to figure it out together. And that’s what this poem was about.

So anyway, poem went in a drawer, and Lindsey and I decided to move to Los Angeles. I think I must have grabbed the poem, along with many others, and we hopped in his Skylark and drove to LA to get a record deal. So we did and, um, we made this great record called ‘Buckingham Nicks’. And, uh, then the record company - three months later - dropped the record, and Lindsey and I were speechless, devastated, you can’t even imagine. We had no idea what to do. We were broke. So what, so what do struggling musicians do? They start another record. And they beg somebody to give them some free time in the studio. Which we got. So we think that we put the poem to music in 1974 when we started our second Buckingham Nicks record and, um, that it was probably one of the first two or three songs that we made really good demos for, for the coming record. Um, and then this is where I forget where I am in the story... It’s true. Happens every night. So, and then, um, and then... *turns to* Lindsey. *laughs* And then what happened? 

Lindsey: *laughs* Um...

Stevie: Can you hear me?

Lindsey: Yes, yes. Um, yes, we started the second album. And we were in the early stages of that when we ran into this *SnL point to Mick* guy. 

Stevie: Right, well, we didn’t exactly run into him. We were at Sound City doing our record and, uh, and Mick came out there and heard some songs off the ‘Buckingham Nicks’ record. He was actually looking for a place to make a record but he was also looking for - *looks at Lindsey* Okay, this is where my story really gets messed up. Really, seriously, I’m just completely screwed now. So, um, okay. Really, I am! I’ve completely *fans self* I’m starting to sweat!!! Alright, okay. 

Lindsey: (?)

Stevie: Well, I do. Okay. Well, anyway, so did. We recorded a couple of demos of which this was one. And then Mick Fleetwood heard some of our music and he wants to remind me – THIS is, here we go. He wanted to remind me to always remind you that one of the things that attracted him to us was the way we sang together as a – I just thought of this the last show – we were kind of like a triangle. Lindsey’s guitar playing and our two voices. He plays very much in counterpoint to what we do when we’re singing. And this is special; it’s different than anybody else. And Mick said, "Remind the audience that this is one of the things that attracted me to you guys when I first, you know, heard your music." And I’m like, "Okay", and so for the first three weeks this is the story I’m telling. And then one night, Lindsey Buckingham says to me, "That’s really not what happened." What happened is that, is this: Mick Fleetwood was looking for a lead guitarist. Nowhere in the words ‘lead guitarist’ does it say ‘lead guitarist AND hippie girlfriend’. Take it, Lindsey!

Lindsey: Wha? Oh. Well, I was very complimented by Mick’s offer, but being in love with Stevie and loyal to her I said, "Mick, if you take me, you gotta take my girlfriend too." And I think it worked out okay!

Stevie: So, to wipe the slate clean here and to end the story, I would like to thank my boys up here. First of all, Lindsey Buckingham, thank you for taking me with you into Fleetwood Mac on this wild ride. I would like to thank you, Mr Mick Fleetwood, oh caterpillar of Alice in Wonderland, for asking Lindsey and me – y’know, by proxy – to join your *Lindsey kisses Mick’s upper arm* magnificent band. And I would also like to thank Mr John McVie because I can just hear him in the background saying, "Just bring the girl!!!" See, it was really, really long, the story. Anyway, this song is called ‘Without You’. It is on our little EP and it is, we’re going to do it just about exactly as it was done in 1974.