Phoenix, AZ - US Airways Center (05.30.2013)

Stevie: This is a story that, um, when we started the tour about a month and a half ago, was very easy to tell and now every single night that I tell the story, it becomes harder. Because, of course, old, old stories, when you first tell them, you just remember some of the things but as you tell it, you start to remember all the thousands of things that went along with that one story. So that’s what’s been happening with this. Once upon a time in probably 1970 in San Francisco, a girl wrote a poem, probably put it in her dresser drawer and then, not that long after, she and her gorgeous boyfriend moved to Los Angeles, taking poem in hand. Got to Los Angeles, hung out, made music, made a record - Buckingham Nicks, Buckingham Nicks record got dropped, started making Buckingham Nicks II. I think, or we think, that’s when we took said poem and put it to music. And then it became a song. And then, there was a year before Fleetwood Mac so we had a year to like hang out because we were starting over from scratch. So we lost the song. And I mean, we really lost it. It was gone. We forgot it was ever even written.

So then, in 2010, some friends of mine were on YouTube and found it – the whole thing, the whole video that some girl had made, you know, with pictures of me and Lindsey, and the whole song. So there it is. So I get it off of YouTube and I take it and I show it to Lindsey and I go, “Do you remember this?” And he’s like, “Well, yeah, kinda. I mean, it’s me playing.” And I’m like, “Well, this is, how could we have lost this song?” And we figured that probably, you know, we made cassettes like donuts and we think someone got into our house, stole the cassette, copied it, took it back, put it there. We never even knew it was gone. And then we lost it. So anyway, this song’s back and we actually went into Lindsey’s house last year and recorded it. Exactly the way, pretty much exactly the way that it was on the demo. Now, here’s where the story gets crazy.

So we started doing this song and Mick Fleetwood says to me, “Don’t forget to tell the audiences that, you know, that the way that you guys sing this song, the way that Lindsey plays and the way that you and Lindsey sing together, is really one of the big reasons, things that attracted us to you as artists, to people who we wanted to join the band.” And I’m like, “Yay, okay! I’ll tell everybody.” And so I started telling everybody that over like the first two weeks, and then Lindsey reminds me, “Well, they actually didn’t. They actually weren’t really attracted to the way you and I sang, or anything like that. They needed a lead guitarist.” Nowhere in the words ‘lead guitarist’ does it say ‘and girlfriend’. Soooo... I’m speechless now. Do you want to take the story? Go ahead. 

Lindsey: I was going to interrupt and say that what Mick didn’t realize was that they also needed a wonderful, brilliant lead singer. *fistbumps with Mick*

Stevie: Mick will pay you later on the plane. Alright, that was very sweet of him to say but in actuality they were looking for a guitar player and Lindsey, because he was my guy, he said “I’m not, I won’t join your band unless you take my girlfriend.” So, even though they already had another girl. So then, now the story has come around to this: I would like to thank my boys here – Mr. Buckingham, Mr. Fleetwood, Mr. McVie and the then Mrs. McVie – for taking me with them. Because they didn’t have to. And I could still be a waitress in Los Angeles. And Lindsey could have gone off to Fleetwood Mac and they would have, you know, and there I’d be still delivering eggs. And that, everybody, is the end of our story. The song is called Without You. It’s on our little EP thing, and this is exactly as it was in 1974.