Philadelphia, PA - Wells Fargo Center (04.06.2013)

Stevie: And then we put this to music. This is all what we think because we can’t really remember. And then in 2010, um, we found it on, yes, YouTube. So we had made a demo that we forgot we even made and there it was on YouTube. So I said like ‘Lindsey, come listen to this fantastic song’ and of course we know this song like, we know it like we’ve been singing it for a hundred years because I think we probably did sing it for a solid year. Anyway, it’s found now and it’s the nicest thing that I ever wrote about he and I and our relationship. And because everything’s really, we’re really good friends now and things are going really beautifully for us, it’s a chance to show you something that came from when we were very young and very close and very in love and our relationship was fantastic. And this is the music that Mick Fleetwood first heard when he came to ask us to join Fleetwood Mac. So there you go. It’s called ‘Without You’.