Newark, NJ - Prudential Center (04.24.2013)

Stevie: This next song was written, um, well, we have a little disagreement on when it was written. I think it was a poem that was written probably in 1970 before we moved to Los Angeles from San Francisco. Lindsey thinks it was written in 1974 right after our Buckingham Nicks album came out and was dumped and we were like, you know, we were completely like we didn’t know what to do so we started making another Buckingham Nicks album. So together we both think that this is probably the first song that we were making for the next Buckingham Nicks album. Anyway, this is the nicest… Are you there, Lindsey? I’m not seeing you. Lindsey? *laughs* A-ha! There you are. You devil, you’re hiding from me! Anyway, so Lindsey and I both agree that this is the nicest, most beautiful song ever written. And I would like to give you some credit because you did put it together and produce it and put it into a song. All I did was write the little poem and play the little Landslide thing that I do on every single song I write. He is the one who takes it and makes it into something really beautiful. So the song itself was a really pretty poem about how amazing our relationship was and how much fun we were having, how crazy, you know, we were in love, we were young, it was fantastic.

So anyway, this song was that first song. But we lost the song and we found it again in 2010 on - oh, yes, you guessed it, my favorite thing - YouTube. There it was, the lost song. Ta-da! So we found it, I brought it to Lindsey and said, "Listen to this" and he listens to it and we like both went, "We know this song". We know it so well we don’t even have to practice it. So we’re going to sing this song. [???] reminded by our friend Mick Fleetwood here that these are the voices and the phrasings that attracted him to us – besides Lindsey’s fantastic guitar playing; they needed that – but on the other side of that, the voices and the phrasing was what he really loved when he heard us. So, um, thank you Mick, so much, for pulling me away from being a waitress. *to Lindsey* He did.

We’re going to sing this song for you now and it’s called Without You.