New Orleans, LA - Jazz & Blues Fest (05.04.2013)

Stevie: …that was lost for a long time. We wrote it, uh, it was a poem written probably in the beginning of the seventies at some point. Maybe - Lindsey’s telling me, maybe before, maybe after we moved to Los Angeles. I’m not sure. But it must have been a poem and then we wrote it into a song and it was probably recorded in 1974 when we were making our second Buckingham Nicks album that you don’t know about because we never finished it. Anyway, we found it on YouTube – can you believe it? – but we did. In 2010. And I brought it to Lindsey and said, "Do you remember this song?" And he’s like, "Well, yeah, I’m playing on it, I do." And I said, "We should do this because it’s really, it was really, it’s really something. It really tells a story." So, anyway, without going into the five hour story that it really is, we wrote it, we recorded it, we loved it, we lost it, we found it and then...

Mick wants me to remind you that this is what he heard when he first heard us. He heard these voices and these phrasings and that was kind of what he was attracted to. Or so he tells me. So there you go, that’s the story. It’s called Without You.*Mick points to Lindsey* *Lindsey points to himself* *Mick nods* He was actually really attracted to Lindsey’s guitar playing. This, the voices, all that *L and S gesture between themselves* stuff was completely secondary. *Lindsey clears his throat* Well, it was, really. They just wanted you. Let’s face it, they wanted you -

Lindsey: That’s right. I told them they had to take my girlfriend too.

Stevie: Thank you, Lindsey. 

Lindsey: Well, it worked out, didn’t it?!

Stevie: Thank you for bringing me on this ride. 

Lindsey: I think it worked out okay.