Mansfield, MA - Comcast Center (06.21.2013)

Stevie: This is what we talk about every night on the place, because it started out as about a two minute introduction and has ended up being longer than the actual song itself. So when I try to change it and shorten it, it just gets longer, so... I'm going to try. Never works very well but here it is. 

In 1970, there was a poem written by a girl who lived in San Francisco, who was going out with a guy called Lindsey Buckingham. And she wrote a very, very - if she does say so herself - beautiful poem about their relationship. Possibly the nicest thing she wrote about either of them ever. *does peace signs* 1970. San Francisco. So then she and her boyfriend Lindsey decided 'We're not going to get a record deal here in San Francisco' so we, I, quit college, we said our goodbyes, we hopped in his car and we drove to Los Angeles. We got a record deal. We made the 'Buckingham Nicks' album. It went out to, you know, big - I always want to clinical but that's not it - critical, clinical, applause. Critical acclaim. And then was dropped by Polydor Records much to our complete and utter horror. So we were deva, deva, urgh, I can't talk tonight. Devastated. We didn't know what to do. So we did what all starving musicians do; we just started making another record. We talked a studio into giving us free time, charming as we were, so they did. So we started making another record and we think that that's when the poem that the girl had written about *points to Lindsey* him got put to music. And it was a great demo. We made a great demo. So then, of course, we lived in a house with about half a million cassettes and they were everywhere and, uh, they were easily copied so - 

Lindsey: What's a cassette?

Stevie: Don't ev - That is not even, that is not even... Cassettes were our LIFE. We would've stuffed pillows with cassettes. We would've sat on cassettes. So anyway, the cassette was our friend. And so, because the cassette, the song we're going to do for you, was, you know, put down, probably just thrown on the couch somewhere, and then it was stolen by one of our probably sleazy friends. And then thankfully the friend probably brought it back and put it right back where it was so we didn't ever even know it was stolen. And copied. Key word: copied. So then we lost it. So it was lost twice. Um, then... This is always where I get so lost. I can never understand why this is exactly where I completely lose my train of thought. Okay, so... Where am I, Lindsey? *turns away from mic and puts head in hands*

Lindsey: Hmm.

Stevie: *back to mic* Please tell me.

Lindsey: Somebody... One of our sleazy friends stole the cassette and put it back.

Stevie: Right. But we didn't, we didn't know that. We didn't know they brought it back. Cos we didn't even know they took it in the first place! Alright, so we skip forward to, to... Fleetwood Mac, right? Right!? John McVie has left the stage. I don't know where we are in the story now. (?) *talks to Mick* (?) *to audience* When we're too old to sing anymore, we're just going to be a comedy act. Okay, so anyway, what happened is that at some point Mick Fleetwood reminded me that when he heard this song, we, well, no. Wrong. We went, Lindsey and I went in and recorded it at his house last year. I showed him the song. Because - forgot it! - it was, we found it on YouTube. Which I hate but I'm not hating it so much now that we found our song floating on YouTube. So I showed it to Lindsey and he said, 'Ohh', and I said, 'We should record it,' so we did. We went to his house, we recorded it in his studio exactly the way we had done it in 1974. So when Mick heard it, he said - Okay, I'm back on track - he said, 'Don't forget to remind the audience that this was one of the things that attracted me to you guys.' The way that Lindsey and I sing is in counterpoint to the way he plays guitar. Like a triangle. So, and that's  a great thing because that makes us very special because of that triangular thing. So, anyway, that's what I said for the first few weeks of the tour. I said that's what attracted him. And one night - I'm back on track - Lindsey said, 'Oh, but no! That is not what really what attracted us to you.' What attracted us - No, what attracted us to him was that they needed a lead guitarist. Nowhere in the words 'lead guitarist' did it say 'and hippie girlfriend.' So, *to Lindsey* do you have anything to say? 

Lindsey: Who, me?

Stevie: *laughs* You used to say something! (?)

Lindsey: But you know -

Stevie: He's befuddled.

Lindsey: The whole - It's gotten a little more involved so, but sure (?) we're going to jump in. I'll tell you what, I'll jump in. 

Stevie: Okay. Jump in. Please.

Lindsey: Let's see. What will I say? Oh, um, well, Mick Fleetwood called me up after hearing some stuff from 'Buckingham Nicks' and he said to me, 'Would you like to join Fleetwood Mac?' And I said, 'You gotta take my girlfriend too.' THAT is loyalty, baby.

Stevie: Yes, it is.

Lindsey: But it worked out okay.

Stevie: It did. So to end our little story, I would like to thank my boys up here. First of all, Lindsey, thank you for taking me with you into Fleetwood Mac *Lindsey blows her kisses* on this wild journey. And I'd like to thank Mick Fleetwood for taking us both on his wild Alice in Wonderland ride in Fleetwood Mac. And I would like to thank the most handsome and best bass player in the world for saying - this is what I think he said - 'Just take the girl!!!!!' And there you have it. The song is called 'Without You' and it is recorded on our little EP and we're going to do it here for you exactly as it was in 1974.