Manchester, UK - MEN Arena (10.01.2013)

Stevie: So this is the story of a song that got lost and finally, many, many years down the line, got found. In 1971 probably, when Lindsey and I still lived in Los Angeles – no, wrong. Start again. Still lived in San Francisco. Uh, I wrote a poem. And it was really about the beginning of our relationship and it was about how really beautiful everything was. It was a very romantic time and we hadn’t had time to run into any of the hurdles and the stuff that you run into after, as the years go by when you’re in a famous band. So, um, it was fantastic and this poem that I wrote was, if I do say so myself, very, very beautiful. So I didn’t put it to music. Sometimes I don’t. Uh, so it either went in my pocket or it went in the bedside table or it went somewhere and didn’t get lost though. And probably a year later we jumped in our car and we drove down to Los Angeles with our twelve demos that would become the Buckingham Nicks album. We got a record deal. We made the record. And we thought that we had made the best record that we would probably ever make in our life. And, uh, about three months later Polydor Records dropped ‘Buckingham Nicks’, the record. And we were, um, devastated and like, you know, we just couldn’t believe it, and so we had to start over. So we started the – what all str, starving artists do, you start ‘Buckingham Nicks II’. 

And so we did. And we got free time out in a studio in the Valley and uh – because we were so clever and we talked them into it – and, uh, so there we went to do this second record. And, um, I put, I found the poem and I put it to music and, um, so it became this great song and Lindsey and I made a really, really great demo of it. And then the demo – which was put on a cassette because the world was cassettes at that point, so we put everything we did on cassette from our four track Ampex tape recorder – So there it was, on a cassette, probably thrown on a couch which really wasn’t a couch; it was really a futon - *to Lindsey* You probably don’t remember that. We were happy to have a futon! And uh, so, on the futon and there it was and we think one of our probably very sleazy friends took it and either a) wanted to save it and protect it for us from getting lost or wanted just to steal it. So either way he did or she did and then they put it back and so we never even knew it had left our house. And then, um, and then we lost it. It must still be under the futon.

So, all these years later, in 2010, some friends of mine came to me and said ‘We found this great song! It’s on, it’s on YouTube.’ Due to the fact that I do not have the Internet or the YouTube or the SpaceFace or anything in my world, I would not know that if I didn’t have friends who did. So they said, "Check this out" and there it is up on the computer and somebody has lovingly put pictures to it and it’s like, it’s a video! It’s like a MTV video. And I’m like, "I can’t believe that the whole world has my song except me." So, I show it to Lindsey and I say, "Here it is, the lost song." And he’s, he likes it or maybe he loves it, I’m not sure... Anyway, I say, "Lindsey, can we record this?" because we were kind of doing some recording right now and he said, "Sure." And so we went to his house and we, along with three other songs, recorded it. And when we recorded it – this is where the story gets difficult – Yes, this is where Mr Fleetwood comes into the story. So Mr Fleetwood said to me, *in bad English accent* "Darling, don’t forget to tell the audiences that this is one of the things, this song, this type of thing that you and Lindsey do when he plays and you sing together and you sing in counterpoint." Only a drummer would pick that up. And he said, "Because that’s what makes you special." And I always thought also that that was what made us special. 

They’re just talking over there. I’m so used to it; it doesn’t bother me. So, anyway, *audience gets noisy, calls out* *talks to audience* Are you going to let me tell my story or am I going to have to come over there and, like, beat the hell out of ya? Could you just be quiet for one minute? And we’ll be done. So, anyway, I said, "Okay, and I will tell the audiences." So for the next three weeks onstage I told the audiences, "This is what attracted Mick to me and Lindsey." And one night, Lindsey says, "No! That’s not true. That is not what attracted Mick to you and me. What attracted Mick to you and me was the fact that they needed a fantastic lead guitarist." And I’m like, "He’s totally right; that’s exactly what attracted Mick really to us." So the story all comes to an end to say I like to take, to say, I like to take, to tell these guys – first of all, Lindsey. Thank you, Lindsey, for bringing me with you into Fleetwood Mac and not saying, "I’m going without you." Thank you. You’re not going to say anything? You’re welcome or something?

Lindsey: Is it, is it, I didn’t know I was supposed to this time.

Stevie: Well, s, s, the story’s never the same! So it’s – 

Lindsey: I know but the last few shows, you know, you – Really?  

Stevie: Yeah! Please! Jump in. 

Lindsey: I’m back in?

Stevie: You’re back in. 

Lindsey: Well, Stevie, lest you forget, the way that whole thing went down.

Stevie: Okay.

*audience member speaks upto tell Stevie they fucking love her*

Lindsey: We fucking love ya.

Stevie: Fucking love ya. *laughs*I’m going to think of that tonight before I go to sleep. 

Lindsey: *attempts Northern accent* Fooking love ya. 

Stevie: We fucking love ya back. 

Lindsey: Ah, we love ya back.

Stevie:: We do. 

Lindsey: Yesss. 

Stevie: It’s a fucking love affair! 

Lindsey: Thank you for that. 

Stevie: Yes.

Lindsey: Lightened it up a little bit. 

*audience member says they fucking love Lindsey too* 

Lindsey: Oh, me too? *in accent* You fooking love me too? Oh, very nice. 

Stevie: This story is getting better as we go! 

Lindsey: Yesss. Yesss. Anyway, yes.

Stevie: It’s ten minutes now.

Lindsey: Mick did hear a song from the Buckingham Nicks album and then a couple of weeks later Bob did leave the band, their guitarist. And out of the blue I get a call from Mick saying, "Lindsey, this is Mick Fleetwood. Would you like to join Fleetwood Mac?" And what did I say? I said, "Mick, you gotta take my girlfriend too!" *Stevie points to self and bows* That’s love, baby! 

Stevie: And I appreciate it. From the bottom of my waitress heart. And Mick Fleetwood, I want to thank you for asking Lindsey and I to join Fleetwood Mac. And Johnny Mac! I also want to thank you for asking us to join Fleetwood Mac. Fucking love you. So now we are going to do the song for you and it is almost exactly as we recorded it in 1974 and it is called ‘Without You’.