Los Angeles, CA - Hollywood Bowl (05.25.2013)

Stevie: ...and we were like back to square one, so we started the Buckingham Nicks Part 2 album. And we think that this poem them got put to music and then became a song, so we made a really great demo of it. And then it got lost. We put it on a cassette, we put it down, someone probably stole it right out of our house, then they snuck away and then they snuck back and put it right where it was, and we never even knew it was gone. And then we lost it. So then, all these years later, in 2010, some friends of ours on YouTube found this song. Yay! Otherwise it would’ve been totally lost forever, and it’s really great because it really does tell you what was going on with us in the very beginning when we were, you know, when we were starving to death and struggling. But also it was an amazing time. It was everything you would want it to be in rock’n’roll heaven. It was amazing. And it was tough but it was great too. So this song tells about that.

And then here’s where the story goes wrong. So Mick always reminded me - and you did, you have to admit - to remind you that one of the things that attracted him to Lindsey and I was our voices and the way he played guitar when we sang together. And that is very true. However, what really attracted Mick and Lindsey to each other was that Mick need a guitar, a lead guitar player. He did not need a girl singer; they already had one. So I like to use this moment to thank Lindsey Buckingham for taking me with him. And I like to thank Mick Fleetwood and also John McVie for saying, “Okay, you can bring the girl.”

Lindsey: I think it worked out okay!

Stevie: But this little song is called Without You and it is on our little EP that we just made and, um, it is exactly as we did it. It’s not one thing changed; it’s exactly the way that we did it in probably 1974. So here it is.