London, UK - O2 Arena (09.27.2013)

Stevie: The next song has an introduction to it because it was a song that was the lost song. In fact, it was lost twice. It was a poem that was written in probably 1970 or maybe 1971 and it was not put to music as many of my poems aren’t put right to music. So this poem probably went in my pocket and then found its way to the bedside table and, um, a little while after that Lindsey and I popped into a car and drove down to Los Angeles to try and get a record deal. We had our 12 Buckingham Nicks songs and we also had this poem. So, uh, so we got there and we actually got a record deal and were making the Buckingham Nicks album and for some reason of which I cannot really remember or figure out why I never put this song to music before then so that it might’ve like made the Buckingham Nicks album. But I didn’t.

So anyway, after the Buckingham Nicks album was dropped – bummer – um, we had to start over. So we got some sp- what we call spec time. In other words, they gave us free time at this great studio out in the Valley and when there wasn’t somebody in the studio we couldgo in. So we started making the second Buckingham Nicks album. And at that point, I think, I found the poem and I, I ‘so I should put this poem to music; it’s a good poem’. So it’s probably the nicest poem that I ever wrote about me and Lindsey and so this is already 1974 and, you know, so this is like this amazing poem and it should’ve gone out before. But it hadn’t so there it was and I put it to music and it came out great and we made a really, really great demo because our demos were really, really great. I’m not being conceited; they just were. So, um, anyway, the thing (???) got lost. Because, we think, not sure, who remembers, but the demo was put on a cassette and then the cassette was thrown on the couch and then we think that one of our really good friends – to protect us – or one of our really sleazy friends but *mumbled* their nowhere future took our cassette and copied it cassette to cassette and, uh, then put the cassette back where it was and I think it probably got lost in the couch again. So, never to be seen again.

So in 2010, some friends of mine who are not old school and who are on the computer said, "Well, guess - we found this great song. And, uh, it's on YouTube." Aaargh. Kkrgh. I'm like, "How can that be?" And I know everything you do is now on YouTube, so I'm like, "Okay." So it's this song, my missing song. And there it is and whoever has got it and put it on there has put like pictures to it and it's all done and it's like a video. I can't believe it and I'm, I don't know whether to be happy or not happy. So anyway, I take it to Lindsey and I go, "Look, here's our song." And he's like, "Oh. Great." And I said, "I think we should record this, don't you?" and he's like, "Sure!" Um, so that's what we did. At his house last year at the end of the year we recorded four songs, of which this was one of them.

And when that was all happening, Mick Fleetwood said to me, "I want you to remember to tell the audience that this was one of the things" - or maybe he even said 'the thing' -  "that attracted me to you and Lindsey was the way Lindsey plays and the way you sing against the way he plays." It's like the pyramid. And so we sing in counterpoint to the way he plays. That's what, I think, that's what makes him and I special. Mick thought that too. So, (???) good eye (???). So anyway, I said, "I'll do that". He [Mick] owes me money for that, you owe me so much money during this tour. And so - you owe me a new coat! A fantastic Ralph Lauren coat. So anyway, I started telling the story: what attracted Mick Fleetwood to me and Lindsey was, is the way we sing and play. And he's like, one night in front of 50,000 people, he said, "No! That's really not what attracted Mick Fleetwood to you and me." And I'm like, "Hmm." And he says, "What attracted Mick to you and me, basically me, was the fact that they need a great lead guitarist." Cos they'd just lost their guitarist. They didn't really need an ex-cleaning lady. *laughs* No, I'm not saying that he said - I'm just saying in my mind, it was like, "Now, I'm done." *laughs* So anyway, I said, "That's true. You're right. You're absolutely right. Mick, you have completely screwed up this story for the past three weeks. Now I'm going to have to change it around and it already takes too long. 

So that's what happened. The song got recorded. It is recorded almost exactly as it was in 1974. Um, we wanted it to be really realistic as what we remembered of that time cos it was such a great time. And so at the same time, I wanna - I know, you're going like, "Wind it up, Stevie, wind it up!" Um, I would like to thank Lindsey for taking me with him to Fleetwood Mac, and I would lie to thank you, Mick, for bringing me into Fleetwood Mac and you didn't have to. And thank you, Mr. John McVie, the best bass player in the world, (???) *audience member drowns out Stevie's voice*.