London, UK - O2 Arena (09.25.2013)

Stevie: got lost and found again and it started out in the States to be like a three minute story and then over 47 different nights it turned into a like 10 minute story. So I tried to shorten it but every time I try and shorten the story – it’s like a snake, it gets longer. So I’m going to try again

Mick: No. (???)

Stevie: *looks over at Mick* Thank you, Mick. Thank you, Mick. He doesn’t mean it. I’m going to try to not shorten it, Mick, but, y’know, put it in the confines of we could do three more songs. Um, anyway, so at the beginning of Lindsey’s and my’s relationship, we had already been working together for a couple of years but this was 1971, 1972 and we lived in San Francisco. I was already writing songs for a long time so I wrote a poem and, um, it was probably the nicest, the most loving, the most absolutely non ego-ed out poem I have ever written about anyone and it was written about Lindsey and therefore somewhat about me. So this poem didn’t get put to music right away; it got either put in, it got put in my jeans or it got put, y’know, under the – I don’t know, it got dropped somewhere. Anyway, I found it again right before we moved to Los Angeles. So we hopped in the car and drove down to LA, poem in hand, and somehow it didn’t really get put to music when we got to LA either. So, but it was always kind of in my head. So we practiced, we do the Buckingham Nicks album. Buckingham Nicks album gets dropped. Horrible experience. Um, so we were back to scratch. We were back to the very beginning.

So I pull out the poem that’s been just laying around for three years and I, uh, put it to music. And I’m laughing because only one other time I actually said to Lindsey, “I don’t think I can play this good so you must’ve helped me put it to music because I’m not that good on guitar.” Anywayyy, the song ended up to be this amazing song and it was really about the very beginning of where he and I came from. And so I said, “Well, guess what? Some friends of mine just came to me and said that they found our missing song on –oh, yes, you guessed it – YouTube.” Duh. I’m not on, I don’t have a computer or Facebook or Spaceface or anything so (???) like that. So they’re like, “Look at this!”  and I’m like *puts hands up*, “Shhh-!” I’m not swearing, I’m going, “Oh my god, my missing song is found.” So I show Lindsey and I go, “Can you believe it? It’s back.” And he says, “Well, yeah, okay, where’s it been?” And, “I don’t know, I thought it got lost.” It got lost once.

We think a friend of ours - *sarcastically* a friend – stole it and then copied it and then put it back and then he and I lost it. So it was lost twice. So when it was found I said, “Let’s record it!” So at the end of last year we went to Lindsey’s house and we recorded it. And it came out great. We recorded it exactly as we had recorded it when it was written in probably 1974. And so Mick said to me – this is where the whole story came from – he said, “Don’t forget to tell the audience that this is one of the things that attracted me to you and Lindsey was the way you guys sing to the way that Lindsey plays.” Cos we sing almost in counterpoint to the way he plays. I think that’s what makes us special and Mick agrees. So Mick said to remind the audience of that and I said – *laughs* Lindsey, are you sweating? *laughs*

Lindsey: Yeah, I’m getting nervous up here.

Stevie: I know you are! Okay, so, back to the story. So, anyway, *Lindsey mops brow with sweat towel* um, I said, “Okay”. So we go on the road and we have our little EP in hand and it’s very similar to what we did in 1974. And so I’m telling the story and I’m going “...that was what attracted Mick Fleetwood to Lindsey and Stevie.” And Lindsey let me tell this story for probably, oh, a week, maybe ten days and all of a sudden, one night I’m going “...and that was what attracted Mick,” and Lindsey goes, “But no!” You think I should have done Shakespearean actress, don’t you? I’m in the right place. I said, “What do you mean ‘but no!’?” And he says, “because that’s not true. What attracted Mick Fleetwood to you and me was not *laughs* basically was not you. It was me.” Him. And he said, “They needed a guitar player. Their guitar player had just quit and they needed a guitar player.” And I’m thinking, ‘he’s totally right.’ They needed a smokin’ hot, fantastic lead guitarist. Nowhere in those words did it mention ‘and his hippie girlfriend’. Okay, Lindsey, take it!

Lindsey: What do you want me to say?

Stevie: Jump in.

Lindsey: Jump in?

Stevie: Jump in.

Lindsey: Uhhhhhhh –

Stevie: *prompting* So...

Lindsey: So. Sure. Uh, well, yeah, I can say what I remember about how that went down. Which was just very simply that Mick did hear my guitar playing in the studio one day and then a couple of weeks later called me up and he said, “Lindsey, would you like to join Fleetwood Mac?” And I said – because I loved you so much *gives thumbs up* - I said, “Well, Mick, if you take me, you gotta take my girlfriend too!”

Stevie: We’re having a moment. (???)

Lindsey: And where did that get me?

Stevie: No! You did not just say thaaaat!!! *Lindsey hides behind Mick* Alright, what happened was – you hide behind Mick! Mick, just hit him with the stick. So, now you know the story. And what happened was, was this wonderful song , as most wonderful songs that get lost, it did resurface and we are going to play it for you and it is just as it was in 1974. And I, I want to thank Lindsey Buckingham for actually taking me with him into Fleetwood Mac because he didn’t have to. And Lindsey, I appreciate that. I will always appreciate it. *Lindsey blows Stevie multiple kisses*

Lindsey: Well I, I think it was our destiny.

Stevie: It was our destiny. *Lindsey nods* Our destiny took a, like a right turn. And he knew I didn't want to be a waitress anymore and he went with that too. And Mick, thank you for inviting us to be in Fleetwood Mac. And John McVie, thank you for inviting us to be in Fleetwood Mac. Johnny Mac! So with all that long story being said, this is it. It's called Without You. Just as it was in 1974.