London, UK - O2 Arena (09.24.2013)

Stevie: Okay, so in the beginning Lindsey and I lived in San Francisco. In 1971 or 2 – somewhere around there – we decided to go to Los Angeles. But before that, I wrote a poem. And it was probably – We’d been going out for awhile and, not for very long, I think, a small amount of time, and I wrote a very beautiful poem – if I do say so myself – about Lindsey and I. Mostly about him. And it was probably and is and remains to this day the nicest thing that I ever wrote about him or the two of us or our relationship. So this is a very critical poem. The poem went in the pocket and in the drawer next to the bed or somewhere. And then Lindsey and I hopped in our car, his car – I think it was your car. I had a car too but...

Lindsey: (???)

Stevie: Did we drive separately? *laughs*

Lindsey: (???) Toyota (?)

Stevie: I had a Toyota. Looked like a Rolls Royce. Not really but I thought it did. Okay, so we drive down to Los Angeles and move in with our producer Keith and, cos obviously we had no money. So poem in hand – I never put the poem to music. So we record the Buckingham Nicks album and it’s great. I know. And then they drop the Buckingham Nicks album, Polydor Records. *sarcastically* Thank you so much, Polydor. And the poem somehow, after the Buckingham Nicks album got dropped, was put to music and became this really beautiful song. And then it was put on cassette and then I think was kinda lost in the couch and somebody – One of our sleazy friends, probably - we didn’t have that many friends so we could probably trace them down – either took it or borrowed it and probably re-recorded it from cassette to cassette and then brought it back and put it back in the couch. And then Lindsey and I found it and then we lost it again. So the song was, for a long time, gone. Years and years later, a hundred years later, in 2010, some friends of mine came up to me and said, “We’ve found this great song.” On guess what? YouTube. I don’t have a computer and I don’t YouTube. I’m like, “Are you kidding?!” (???)

So they play it for me and I’m like, “the song that was lost twice”. So I play it for Lindsey and I go, “Do you remember this song?” and he’s like, “Yeah. Yeah, I do. I mean, I’m playing the fantastic guitar part.” And I said, “Okay, so what do you think? We should record this for Fleetwood Mac, we should record it.” This was like last year. And so we did. We went to his house and we recorded this song. Okay, here’s where I usually get lost but not tonight! *makes almost screechy noises* So Mick Fleetwood told me, “Don’t forget to remind the audience-” Am I on track? I think I’m on track.

Lindsey: I think you are.

Stevie: He says, “Don’t forget to tell the audiences that this song, the way you sing, the way Lindsey sings, the way he plays guitar, you guys are in counterpoint and that’s what makes you really special.” And I agree. That is what makes us really special. And he said, “Don’t forget to tell the audience that this is what attracted me to you guys when I first met you and heard your music.” So I said, “Okay, thank you. Thank you, Mick.” Then we go on the road and I tell this story pretty much how I’m doing it now except it’s a little longer. And I said, I was telling this every night and one night Lindsey said, “But no! That was not what Mick Fleetwood was attracted to.” And I’m like, *pauses* “Oh, well, then what was he attracted to?” And he goes, “They needed, if you remember, they were looking for a smokin’ hot lead guitar player!” And I’m like, “Oh! That’s right!” It’s all his fault, your fault. So I realised of course that he was totally right and in my little girl’s head (?) I go back and that’s what they were looking for. And nowhere in the words of ‘guitar player’ does it say ‘and his hippie girlfriend’.

Lindsey: Did I say that? (???)

Stevie: Exactly. I think you did. You said ‘they don’t want you’.

Lindsey: I didn’t say that!

Stevie: I know! (???) What did you say? Jump in.

Lindsey: No, no, I just said, uh, well I mean, Mick heard my guitar playing and a couple of weeks later called me up and said, “Lindsey, would you like to join Fleetwood Mac?” Right? And I said, “Well, Mick, if you take me, you gotta take my girlfriend too!” But it worked out.

Stevie: It did work out. And out of that whole really long story that you'll probably never forget til the day you die, but I hope the day you die, you do think of this story because - [cuts off]