Lindsey's 'Seeds We Sow: Track by Track' (9th Jan. 2012)

Subject: Lindsey Buckingham
When was it released? 9th January, 2012.

Seeds We Sow

Well, the first track on this album is the title track. It’s called Seeds We Sow. It is just a single guitar and voice, and I think, uh, really it kind of typifies the push-pull between a world which has kinda gone a little bit crazy and then, at the end, it pulls back in to one’s own personal side of things. I think this is one of the things that happens a lot on the album. There tends to be a kind of a sense of ‘where are things going in this crazy world?’ and then it’ll turn around and say ‘well, wait a minute, it all starts with me. where are things going in my own crazy life?’, y’know.

In Our Own Time

Well, the second track, uh, remains where the end of the first track left off which is with the more subjective side of things with the struggles, the day to day struggles, of keeping in a groove with your personal life.


Now the third song all of a sudden jumps into a full kit of drums. It’s called Illumination and I think, um, I’m not, I’m not exactly sure what this song’s about. It’s a bit tongue in cheek. It’s got a bit of a sense of a dynamic between two people in which one is either willing or co-erced into being honest and being open, and that there’s a process of illumination that occurs when people tell the truth.

That’s The Way Love Goes

That’s The Way Love Goes. And that is one of the two most bombastic songs on the record. The verses are very kind of musicbox picky and then it just kicks into a really raucous chorus. And it’s trying to examine, you know, the more you know someone, the longer you are with someone, the more reasons you have to be with someone. In my life right now with three children, there’s very little that could happen that would drag me away from this that I wouldn’t somehow see my way through to working through.

Stars Are Crazy

This is called Stars Are Crazy and it’s about, uh, the sense of possibly lost opportunity, either in one’s present or in one’s past. Perhaps things, uh, got away from you and you’re not sure why and, uh, you wonder if the stars are crazy.

When She Comes Down

When She Comes Down. It was actually the first song I wrote about my wife, Kristen. Basically, it’s observing a person who has been alone and lonely and defended. In a way, I could’ve been writing about myself too, I suppose, because we were helping each other.

Rock Away Blind

The name of this song is Rock Away Blind. It’s a theme that’s already been touched on several times which is that you’re going to find things, you’re going to sense things, that you may not understand, that may be going on. You may, some of them may be completely in your mind, they may be things that you’re knee-jerking into that are appropriate to your own history. If you’ve been hurt, if you’ve been betrayed, uh, and yet some of these things you’re never going to know but it’s not so important that you know. What is important is that you just let things go.

One Take

One Take. A kind of a political comment. There’s not much room for interpretation. It’s talking about a guy who’s out there making a killing at the expense of many other people. You know, and you don’t even have to look too far to see what that’s about.

Gone Too Far

Now we’re into a song called Gone Too Far. I’m not really sure who I was talking about in this song. When things get too disproportionate for you, when the illusions that you have in front of you that have been directing your actions maybe fall away and you’re left in a more empty place, if I’m gone physically, or perhaps I’m even passed away, who knows, you know. Just save me, save the feeling of me, save the memory of me, save the essence of me. When things have gone too far.

End Of Time

End of Time strikes pretty much the same emotional tone as Gone Too Far which comes before it. They’re kind of a pair of songs. It’s just talking about our actions. It’s talking about what I said what I thought the theme of the album was to begin with, you know. Uh, the karma of our actions and how they can come back.

She Smiled Sweetly

The last song is a actually not my song. It’s an old Rolling Stones song called She Smiled Sweetly. It’s kind of my favorite of The Stones because it was really The Stones at their most European, shall we say. So many wonderful tunes and that song was, it was an ensemble piece done on the organ and drums and everything but I, because it was their most European, it’s almost like a piece of classical music if you break it down. And the way I played it with the intervals it becomes almost kind of Bach-like. It comes back around to where the album started, you know. There’s a time for action and for concern and for that worry and then there’s a time to put it away and I think that’s what the song is saying, is that no matter what else goes on, you know, try to live your life with a measure of peace.