Kansas City, MO - Spring Center (04.30.2013)

Stevie: Well this next song has a story which is way too long to tell and so I’m going to try and get not so longwinded on it but it’s a great story. Um, in 2010 some friends of ours were on YouTube, my X most favorite thing in the world, and they found a song that Lindsey and I had written in the beginning of the seventies. I think it was a poem that I wrote before we moved to Los Angeles in 1971, maybe right after, and I don’t think that he’s exactly sure when it written except that we recorded it in probably 1974, right after the ‘Buckingham Nicks’ album got dumped by Polydor Records. Thank you so much. Anyway, we were like back to square one so we were making a record. We weren’t stopping to take a breath. We were making a record. And so anyway, so this song, we think, was probably the first song that we recorded for ‘Buckingham Nicks II’. And, um, and it was lost, completely lost. Somebody had obviously stolen the cassette and we didn’t miss it because we found something else.

So it got lost and anyway, so it’s back and it’s this amazing song. It really tells you a lot about what was going on a long time before Fleetwood Mac, and when it was just Lindsey and I and we were struggling and it was amazing and it was, we were crazy and in love and young and beautiful and it was all happening. It was great! So anyway, Mick likes me to remind you that these are the voices and the phrasings that he first heard when he heard us and decided to ask, actually, just Lindsey - to join the band. But Lindsey being the gentleman that he was said, "Well, you have to take her too." So I want to thank you, Lindsey - and Mick - for my life. Anyway, this song is called Without You and it really says a lot and I hope you hear it.