Dublin, IRE - 02 Dublin (09.21.2013)

Stevie: I had enough trouble introducing it for 47 dates in the United States and now that we haven’t played in two months I’m (???) real problem. So it started out to be like four minutes long and by the end, when we got to the end of the United States, it was like ten minutes long, three times longer than the actual song. So every night when I would come offstage people would go like *looks to where a watch would be* ‘Okay, really. You could add another three songs for the introduction to this song’. So I tried to shorten it but now, not only is it not able to be shortened, but now I can’t hardly remember the story because it’s been two months. So, you have to bear with me. Um, I was walking around with an earphone in half an hour before trying to remember the story by listening to it from the United States but that didn’t help me at all. So, in the beginning... *laughs* Before God. I’m kidding.

In the beginning, in 1971, um, Lindsey and Stevie were going together in Los, in San Francisco, and I wrote a poem about he and I. And it was probably the nicest thing I ever wrote about the two of us because it was before creepy old fame and all the crap that comes along with getting famous and all that comes along and messes everything up. And so this particular poem was one of those, like, amazing grace poems that really told a story of who he and I were in the beginning. So, I didn’t put it to music; sometimes I don’t put my poems to music until way after. So Lindsey and I hopped in the car with all our stuff in, I think, 1971, 1972 – he tells me – I don’t really remember the year. It was the beginning of the seventies at some point. We drove down to Los Angeles and moved in with our producer and then we go ready to do the Buckingham Nicks album which we had our twelve songs done because we had worked all those up before we left San Francisco. So we’re working on the Buckingham Nicks album and somehow this poem never got put to music before Buckingham Nicks.

So after Buckingham Nicks was put out and dropped – bummer, I know, such a bummer, you have nooo idea – so back to scratch. We were back to the beginning. In the beginning, second time. Um, so here’s the poem and we put the poem to music. I mean, I think I put the poem to music but I don’t really play that well so I have a feeling that Lindsey probably had something to do with it. But I’ve never said that before so, knowing that, he’s probably going to take 50% of my royalties on the song! The things that flow out of your mouth when you’re not thinking. So, anyway, we put this song to music and it came out great and we made a great demo and the demo got lost. Well, it didn’t really get lost, somebody stole the demo. We’re not sure who. Could’ve been a good friend who thought they’d put it in whatever so it would last forever, and then it could’ve been a sleazy friend who thought, ‘I’ll copy it and then take it back right where I found it and they’ll never know and then, in years to come, I’ll have the original demo’. So that’s what happened, we think. But what happened to us was that we then found it and then lost it again. Gone. So when we actually got to Fleetwood Mac, instead of having this great song that we should’ve already recorded to play for Fleetwood Mac, we had lost it and forgotten about it. So –

Audience member: Aww.

Stevie: I know! So, years go by, hundreds and hundreds of years, because of course we’re vampires. We’re really Edward and Bella. So hundreds of years later in 2010. 2010 I was in Hawaii on a little teeny vacation and some of my friends who are on the computers said, “Well, gosh, we found this great song and it’s on YouTube and it’s got little pictures of you and Lindsey and it’s really sweet” and I’m like, “Okay” and they play it for me and I’m like, “It’s the song! It’s the lost song!” So I come back and I play it for Lindsey and I go, “Do you remember this song?” and he’s like, “Well, duh, yeah, I’m playing on it, and I think it was about me so, yes, I do.” So I said, “Don’t you like think it’s amazing?” and he said, “Yes, I do” so I said, “Why don’t we record it for this EP we’re making for this tour?” So he said, “Okay, we’ll do that.” So we went up to his house for four days at the end of, at the very end of last year, and we recorded four songs of which this was one. And when we got done with the song my friend Mick Fleetwood said to me, “Don’t forget to remind the audience that one of things that really attracted me to you and Lindsey was the way that you guys sing in juxtaposition to the way that Lindsey plays the guitar.” Counterpoint. And I always thought that too and I didn’t know if anybody ever noticed that but that’s one of the things that I think’s most special about the way we sing and he plays.

So, I, we went on the road in the United States and for about three weeks I’m telling this whole story and I’m going, “So don’t forget that that’s what attracted Mick Fleetwood to us.” And one night Lindsey goes, “But, no! That’s not what attracted Mick Fleetwood to you and I.” What attracted him was the fact that they needed a smokin’ hot lead guitarist! And nowhere in that description does it say ‘and his hippie girlfriend’. So we wanted to clear that up for ya and, at the same time, I wanted to say thank you, Lindsey, for taking me with you into Fleetwood Mac. And I know there’s a little part of the story I’ve missed here but whatever. Um, *to Lindsey* would you like to say anything? *laughs* Not really. Nothing at all?

Lindsey: Do you want me to say something?

Stevie: Yes! Please. Jump in!

Lindsey: Say something. Let’s see. Sure was hot today. I took a walk; I had to put a T-shirt on.

Stevie: And that is outrageous! Okay -

*talking over each other*

Lindsey: Yeah, okay, I’ll say something else. Well, I think I know what you were thinking of.

Stevie: Well.

Lindsey: It was the fact that Mick did actually hear my playing and a couple of weeks later their guitarist decided to leave and, of course, out of the blue we get this call, ah, or I get a call from Mick Fleetwood saying, “Hey, Lindsey, would you like to join Fleetwood Mac?” And of course, being the *emphasises* LOYAL boyfriend that I was *Mick and Stevie mime playing little violins* *Lindsey also mimes playing violin, complete with sound effect* I said, “Mick, if you take me, you gotta take my girlfriend too.”

Stevie: And Mick said, *pause* *laughs* And John said, *pause* John is sitting on the ground (?) thinking, 'I could've done down to the bar and had a drink!' Anyway, long story short or short story long - I just made that up; it's a good one, huh? That could be a song right here - Um, this little song, this little poem that travelled through the centuries right here to this stage tonight is, we do it almost exactly like the demo that we made in probably 1974. And we would like to do it for you. It's called Without You.