Dublin, IRE - 02 Dublin (09.20.2013)

Stevie: This is a story. And over the 47 times we did it in the United States, it seemed to get longer every single night. In fact, it was so long, it was like three times longer than the actual song that I’m introducing. So, of course in trying to shorten the story, it just never worked, so the story just got longer and longer. So now since I haven’t told the story in two months, maybe it’ll be shorter. The problem is, I’m not sure I really remember the story at all! So I’m going to try and start with the beginning of the story. This song is, uh, is on our EP and it was a song that was a poem in probably 1972 – I’m totally guessing – before Lindsey and I moved to Los Angeles from San Francisco. And I, you know, probably stuck it in a jewelry box or something and off we went, with everything that we had. And my poem. And, uh, we got there in 1972 and then we started working on the Buckingham Nicks record. And the song never got put to music but the poem hung around. So, anyway, we did the Buckingham Nicks album. I mean, yeah, we did. And then we found the poem. Again. Somewhere. And we put it to music. I put it to music. And then we made a demo of it and it got lost, the cassette, lost, gone. So, you know, we were writing so much stuff that we forgot, we just forgot we even had written it. 

So it was gone and then, after all those years – I’m really trying, I’m struggling here – and then after like a hundred years, in 2010, we were in Hawaii and some of my friends who are on, you guessed it, YouTube, said to me, "Well, listen to this song!" and I’m like, "Okay" and here’s this song that was lost in probably 1974. And, and I’m like, "I love this song". I can’t remember, I can’t believe we didn’t a) put it on the Buckingham Nicks record and b) never even played it for Fleetwood Mac, because it should’ve been recorded years ago. So I brought it to Lindsey and said, "Well, listen to this" and he’s like "Yeah, I remember this; I think the song got lost." So to make a long story short... It’s not working, is it? Um, he does remember it and we made such a good demo of it that whoever stole our song – which was probably one of our sleazy friends – um, when it went on the YouTube, they like put pictures to it and everything so it’s all like this little video, right? So I said to Lindsey, "Lindsey, we should record this. Again. Because our demo is great but it’s on YouTube, you don’t have the real thing so we have to re-do it." And he agreed. *to Lindsey* Right?

Lindsey: I always agree with you. 

Stevie: (?) That is the worst thing (?) 

Lindsey: No?

Stevie: He loved the song. He did love the song. Because it’s the nicest – this is the part that I forgot to tell you – it’s the nicest song, it’s the nicest poem that I ever wrote about the two of us. About our relationship in the beginning. I know. And so it’s really, you know, before fame and all the creepiness creeped in, there was a really sweet girl and a really sweet boy that sang together and made beautiful music and wrote a song like this. 

Lindsey: *points*

Stevie: Oh, right. One more thing. So, Mick said to me – I forgot all about (?) sitting there! There ya are, handsome as usual. Marching to the beat of your own drum. So, Mick said to me, after we recorded this at Lindsey’s house at the very end of last year, he said, "Well, don’t forget to remind the audience that this is one of the things that I heard that I loved about you guys. Because when you play, Lindsey – Lindsey kind of plays in a counterpoint way to the way you both sing and it’s a kind of a this thing and it’s great." And so I said, "Okay. So that’s what I’ll do. I’ll tell them the story and I’ll tell them about the counterpoint thing and the thing that happened in 1972." So one night I’m saying, "So, anyway, this song was, you know, was - " Okay, I’m lost. It came down to I was telling a story that wasn’t exactly true. I was saying that Fleetwood Mac - See, I’m completely lost. That Fleetwood Mac would, needed. I am so lost. 

Lindsey: It’s okay.

Stevie: I, we have not, I mean, really, we’ve not played in two months. 

Lindsey: It’s good, it’s good.

Stevie: Okay, well, I’m trying to get to the key of this which is –

Lindsey: Take your time. Take your time.

Stevie: I, but, I’m taking my time but, I, I – Okay, alright. Let me think. Let me just think for a minute. So one night I was saying that what attracted Mick – I’m getting, it’s coming back – to us was the way that we sang and to the way that Lindsey played. And Lindsey goes, "Ah, but no! What attracted Mick to us was me." Him. *points to Lindsey* Because what Fleetwood Mac needed was a fantastic, smokin’ hot guitarist, lead guitar player. And nowhere in ‘smokin’ hot lead guitar player’ does it say ‘and his hippie girlfriend’. So... I would like to take a moment more to thank Lindsey for bringing me into Fleetwood Mac when he joined Fleetwood Mac. *bows down to Lindsey* 

Lindsey: You see, you remember what I said, right? No? 

Stevie: *shakes head*

Lindsey: Well, Mick, you know, we met Mick and he heard something playing and then about two weeks later he calls us up and says, "Lindsey, would you like to join Fleetwood Mac?" And I said, "Well, Mick, you’ll have to take my girlfriend too." But I think it worked out okay. 

Stevie: So after all that, we are now going to sing the song which is only one third as long as that little story. And it’s called ‘Without You’.