Des Moines, IA - Wells Fargo Center (06.26.2013)

Stevie: ...and we lived in San Francisco in the middle of, probably, the most amazing musical time you could ever be in San Francisco, which was Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Grace Slick, Buffalo Springfield - You name it, they were there. And we were right in the middle of it so... Anyway, so I wrote this poem. And so sometimes I don't put my poems to music right away, so this poem went into the drawer, and then at some point after that, Lindsey and I hopped in his car and drove to Los Angeles with our twelve Buckingham Nicks songs to get a record deal. Which we did. We got a record deal and made what we thought was a great record. And we put it out and we thought that we were home free, and about several months later, not many months later, Polydor Records dropped the record. And we were so horrified, I can't even tell you. Um, speechless, devastated. We didn't even know what we were going to do. So, what did we do? We did what all struggling musicians do: we just started another record. We talked a studio, a very famous studio called Sound City, we talked them into giving us free time - and they did - and we started making the second Buckingham Nicks record. And at that point we think that's when this poem got put to music, and that it was probably one of the first, second, third demos that we made for our up and coming second Buckingham Nicks record.

Um, but when we made this, we put it on cassette. And our house at those, in those days our house was full of cassettes. Cassettes ruled. So I probably threw the cassette on the couch and the cassette fell behind the couch and the cassette stayed behind the couch and then somebody else found the cassette and stole the cassette and copied the cassette and brought the cassette back and threw it back on the couch. And then Lindsey and I lost it again. So the song was lost. In 2010 some friends of ours who were on, oh yes, my favorite thing, YouTube, they found the song floating around on YouTube. So I got it and I played it for Lindsey and I said, "Do you remember this song?" And he's like, "Well, yeah, that's me playing and you singing and of course I remember it." Then I'm thinking to him, "Why didn't we record this song, or why did we never show this to Fleetwood Mac in all these forty years?" And it's because it was just lost. So I said, 'Let's show it to the band and see if they want to record it." So we did and we went to Lindsey's house last year, the end of the year, and we recorded this song. And when Mick heard it, he said - this was how my story was in the beginning of the first seven weeks of this tour - he said, "Stevie, don't forget to remind the audience that one of the things that attracted me to you guys was the way that he plays and you and him sing." Because Lindsey and I sing and play in counterpoint which means we're like this *off camera action* and like tap-dancers. Kind of. "And that's what makes you special. So remind them of that." So for the first three weeks of the tour that's what I said. 

And then one night, Lindsey says to me, in front of oh I don't know 15,000 people, "But you know, that really wasn't what attracted Mick Fleetwood to us in 1975. What attracted Mick to us was basically me," because what was Mick looking for? Yes! He was looking for a lead guitarist. I know. So, and... *laughs* They know the story already! So I said, what did I, okay, now I'm lost. They're throwing me off. You're throwing me - Yes, I know. But you're throwing me off now. Let me think here. Okay. *Lindsey laughs* So I said him, "Yes, you're right, that's true." And they weren't looking for a lead guitarist and his hippie girlfriend. Right, so. Lindsey? Jump in.

Lindsey: Oh. Well -

Stevie: So you said -

Lindsey: Yes, Mick called us, called me, and said, "Lindsey?" And I said, "Yes, Mick?" And he said, "Would you like to join Fleetwood Mac?" And I, you know, you have to understand [that] Stevie and I had been down a long road together, we had a lot invested in what we had together as a couple and a musical entity, and I said, "Mick, if you take me, you're gonna have to take my girlfriend too!" And they did and it worked out okaaaay.

Stevie: So I like to take this moment in the show to thank my boys. First of all, I'd like to thank Mr Lindsey Buckingham for taking me *Lindsey blows her three kisses* with him into Fleetwood Mac when he could've not. Thank you, Lindsey. I would also like to thank Mr Mick Fleetwood for asking Lindsey and me, accepting me, and taking us on this wild Alice in Wonderland ride into Fleetwood Mac for all these many, many years. He has an eye. And an ear, Mr Fleetwood. And I would also like to thank the handsomest, the cutest and the best bass player in the world for probably just saying, when it all became very problematic, "Just take the girl!" Thank you, John. So the song is called 'Without You' and we do it almost exactly as it was done on the demo in 1973 and, uh, we hope that you like it. Because it really was kinda the beginning in many ways.