Denver, CO - Pepsi Center (06.01.2013)

Stevie: As old stories always do, it gathers moss like a rolling stone every night. So it started out simple and now it’s not simple anymore, and, in fact, it’s a little bit like we don’t even understand it anymore, exactly. But we try to explain it to you. In 1970 a girl wrote a poem and put it, probably, in her dresser drawer in San Francisco, and then a year later, she and her boyfriend moved to Los Angeles to get a record deal. And we got a record deal and we made a record called Buckingham Nicks. And the Buckingham Nicks record was critically, did, you know, got all the great critical acclaim, but it basically tanked and, um, we were back to square one. So, horrified as we were, we immediately started making the second Buckingham Nicks album. And I think that this song was probably the first or the second song that we actually put together, put to music, for the second Buckingham Nicks album. It ended up being - when it was written, before we even moved to LA - the nicest thing, the nicest piece of poetry that I ever wrote about Lindsey and I. Because it’s about both of us. And it’s really a lovely sentiment and, you know, as poems go, it’s one of my nicest poems. Because my poems aren’t all that nice usually. This one is.

So anyway, we wrote this beautiful song and then it got lost. And we figured that probably somebody stole it out of our house - happened all the time with cassettes - and then brought it back, and we never even knew it was gone. And then we lost it. Until 2010. Somebody or some of our friends were on - oh yes, you guessed it - YouTube, and they found this song that had been simmering in the cosmos for a hundred years. And showed it to me and then I went like, “Oh my god.” So I showed it to Lindsey and I said, “Do you remember this song?” and he’s like, “Well, yes, of course I remember it.” And I’m thinking, well, how could we have lost this? How was this never recorded on a Fleetwood Mac record or any other record, for that matter?

So anyway, the whole thing is that Mick, after he heard the song - cos we went in and recorded it at Lindsey’s house last year and it’s out on our EP - and Mick said, “Don’t forget to tell the audience that the way that you guys sang, and the way that he plays guitar to the way you guys sing, is one of the things that really attracted me to the two of you.” And so that’s the story of how it began five weeks ago. But then - there’s more, exactly! there’s always more - Lindsey reminded me that they actually weren’t attracted to me and him as singers. They were really, what they needed was a lead guitarist. And nowhere in the two words ‘lead guitarist’ does it say ‘and extra girlfriend’. So the good ending is he said, “Well, I’ll join your band but I have to bring my girlfriend.” And Mick said, “Okay, you can bring your girlfriend.” So I want to thank both of these boys and this boy for taking me with them in 1975 on this magical ride. So it’s called Without You.