Dallas, TX - American Airlines Center (06.04.2013)

Stevie: So a long time ago, in the beginning of the seventies, I wrote a poem, put it in my pocket, probably, and Lindsey and I, who had been in a band for three years working together and by then we were boyfriend and girlfriend, we packed up and moved to Los Angeles. When we got to Los Angeles, we spent two years, about maybe - I know I don’t ever get this right - we spent some times and we made the Buckingham Nicks album. Because we got there with our twelve songs. So we made the record and we thought that we had really outdone ourselves, because we thought we’d made the best record we could make. So it went out to critical acclaim and then it got like dropped six months later by Polydor Records. We were freaked out, needless to say, so we didn’t really know what to do, except start another record. So that’s what we did; we started the Buckingham Nicks II record. And, uh, we think that this next song was one - We probably put it to music and it was one of the first songs that we made a demo for for this next Buckingham Nicks record. Um, okay, so I think what happened then was that then there was a year that followed that before we actually [???] about Fleetwood Mac and, um, *turns to Lindsey* is this right? I’ve completely, where are we?

Lindsey: [???]

Stevie: See, every time we try and change something it messes me. Never change anything.

Lindsey: That’s what you get for trying to shorten the story.

Stevie: I know, I screwed it up now. Okay. Well…

Lindsey: Just continue. Continue. It’s good. It’s all good. 

Stevie: I try to continue and I’m messed up now. Well, okay, so anyway, the song was lost. And we think somebody stole it out of our house because we made so many hundreds of cassettes and you could just tiptoe in, steal a cassette, copy it at your house, take it back, and we would never even know. That’s what we think happened. And then, of course, we lost it. So the song disappeared into the ethos until 2010 when some of our friends who ARE on the internet - not me - but some of our friends, found the song. They showed it to me and I’m like, “Oh my god! How did this song - that I loved so much - get lost?!” So I took it to Lindsey and said like, “Look at this song!” and he’s like, “Wow, how did that song get lost?” And I’m thinking, “Are we just stupid? What in the world happened?”

Anyway, so, we recorded it. At Lindsey’s house in like, I don’t know, November. And, uh, we recorded it exactly the same way as it was recorded in, we think, 1974. And Mick always wants to remind me - or at least he did until we had the big talk about this story being too long - that this is one of the things that attracted him to Lindsey and I, was the way that we sang together, the way Lindsey plays, the way we phrase, all that, was something that he was attracted to when he first heard the Buckingham Nicks record at Sound City. But then Lindsey reminded us - onstage, at some concert quite a while ago - that that was not, in fact, the reason that Mick Fleetwood was attracted to us. He was attracted to the fact that they needed a lead guitarist. And nowhere in the two words ‘lead guitarist’ does it say ‘and hippie girlfriend’.

So it all comes down to this. I would, first of all, like to say thank you to Lindsey for bringing me with him on this ride. And then I would like to say thank you to Mr. Mick Fleetwood and Mr. John McVie and Christine, who wishes she was here but is not, but she was part of it too. Thank you to all these boys and that lady for taking me on this amazing, crazy and wild ride that is Fleetwood Mac. So here it is, this little song, exactly the way it was in 1974. And it’s on our little EP thing, so you should hear it. It’s really special and it’s called Without You.