Columbus, OH - Nationwide Arena (04.04.2013)

Stevie: Well, I’ve been told that actually get to take a minute to, um, explain this next song to you, because it’s really, it’s really a lot of fun and it’s really a great story. This next song, which is also on our little mini baby record that’s coming out, is - This song was - Lindsey thinks it was written in 1974; I personally think that the poem was written probably in 1971, maybe even before he and I moved to Los Angeles. Not sure. Because we lost it. When the first Buckingham Nicks album hit the ground not running, um, and we decided we were going to do Buckingham Nicks II - this is pre-Fleetwood Mac at the very beginning of 1974 - I think that we had this song and we’d made this amazing demo which is on YouTube, of course, because that’s where we found it in 2010. So we find this amazing song and I think to end this up because in my show I really just get to talk a lot but in this show, not so much!

So anyway, the great thing is that Mick said to remember to tell you that this is the music that he first heard, which was really the reason why he asked Lindsey first, and me - because we were a package deal - um, secondly, to join Fleetwood Mac. But this is also probably the nicest words that I ever wrote about the two of us and I’m very proud of it because it really does tell you what an amazing time we had during that time and what a blast that Lindsey and I had growing up together in San Francisco and Los Angeles in the early Seventies. And it was a beautiful thing. The song is called ‘Without You’.