Cologne, Germany - Lanxess Arena (10.06.2013)

Stevie: Well, in America this next, uh, song, it’s like a ten minute introduction. But we’re not going to do that to you because I think it’s even hard for people that completely speak English to be able to understand it. And it just gets longer every night. *audience member calls out* Oh no, you don’t! It’s like hearing a lecture. From a professor. So I’m just gonna, I am going to shorten it a little bit. Um, every time I say that it doesn’t work, but I’m gonna try. Um, in 1971 I wrote a poem. Lindsey and I were living together in San Francisco, where the greatest music time of all time, in my opinion, was happening. And we were there. Um, so I wrote this little poem and we didn’t put it to music right away, and so, you know, the poem just went in my pocket and, um, then we moved to Los Angeles with our songs and the plan to get a record deal. We did. We made the ‘Buckingham Nicks’ record. It did well - sort of - but the record company dropped it. That was not good and, uh, so we started over on a new record. And this poem that had come from 1971 got put to music and became a really great song. And the song was put onto a cassette. Half of you have probably never even heard of cassettes but cassettes were our life. We would’ve build furniture out of cassettes if we had been able to. So onto a cassette, and then the cassette disappeared, and then the cassette was found again, and then the cassette disappeared again. So the song was gone.

So many, many, many hundreds of years later - in 2010 - some friends of mine said, "We found this great song that you and Lindsey are doing, and there’s like pictures to it. It’s like a video and it’s on YouTube." I don’t have a computer. I am very old school so no computer, no phone. And, uh, so no YouTube. So I’m thinking everyone in the world has seen this song except me. And I wrote it. So I showed it to Lindsey, and he was very surprised also. And I said, "Since we’re doing a little recording, what do you think about if we record this song?" And he said, "Great, I’d like to do that." So this whole story is pointed towards the fact that that’s we did. We went to Lindsey’s house and we recorded four songs of which this was one of them. And when it was done, Mr Fleetwood simply said, "Remember - when we go out on tour - to tell your audience, our audience, that this song, the way that you sing it and the way that Lindsey plays it and the way you guys sing and play together in your counterpoint thing, is one of the things that attracted me to you." Um, and so I said, "Well, great." Cos I think that’s why we are special also.

And so, um, we went out on the road in America and probably three weeks into the tour I was telling this story, and Lindsey looks over at me and goes, "But no. That is not why Mick Fleetwood was attracted to us. Mick Fleetwood was attracted to me." Because Mick Fleetwood and Fleetwood Mac needed a brilliant guitar player. They did not really need a hippie cleaning lady. So I said, "Hmm, he’s totally right." So we changed our story and, uh, we gave Lindsey all the credit and, um, but I didn’t have to be a waitress anymore so, so I got so much out of that. So I, as these days go by, I’m trying to tell this story a little more simple, um, wanted to thank Lindsey for telling Mick that, well, you can even tell them in your own simple way *laughs* what you said. 

Lindsey: What did I say? Oh. I know. Well, Mick, Mick did, he heard a song from ‘Buckingham Nicks’. He was listening, he heard the guitar playing. He phoned me a couple of weeks later and said, "Lindsey, would you like to join Fleetwood Mac?" And I said, "Mick, if you take me, you gotta take me girlfriend too!"

Stevie: And I said, "Oh, thank you, God!!!" And so, in thanking Lindsey for telling Mick that, I would also like to thank Mick Fleetwood tonight for asking Lindsey and I to join Fleetwood Mac and take us on his Alice in Wonderland ride. Thank you, Mick. And I would also like to thank Johnny Mac for saying, "Just get the girls and let’s go!" So this, so we’re going to play this song for you and it is almost exactly the way that it was recorded on that demo in 1974, uh, and it is, it’s like going back in time. So it’s called ‘Without You’.