Chicago, IL - United Center (04.13.2013)

Stevie: So I get to tell you a very quick little story - they hope it’s going to be quick, anyway - um, about a song that was written we’re not sure when. We think it was written somewhere between 1970 and 1974, and it was supposed to go on the second Buckingham Nicks album but somehow, as songs do, it just got lost. And I think it was a poem that was written right after we moved to Los Angeles in 1971 and then we made it into a song in 1974 after the Buckingham Nicks album tanked. So we - Well, it kind of did then. I went back to work as a waitress so in my opinion, it tanked. Anyway, so this really beautiful song disappeared, and I went to Hawaii in 2010 and some of my friends who are on the computer - unlike myself - they found it on, oh yes, you guessed it, YouTube. There’s the song, the missing, magical song. And so I’m like, "Oh my god". And I, and when we came back together as Fleetwood Mac, I showed it to Lindsey and I go, "Do you remember this song, this amazing song?"

This is the nicest song I ever wrote about Lindsey and I. He will agree. And it’s because it was in the very, very beginning when we were young and beautiful and completely crazy and, um, we had nothing to lose, you know. We were just waiting for something big to come along. And it did. And in those times of waiting - There he is, he came along. You know, it was beautiful. It was a beautiful time and to find this song was an amazing thing. And Mick always reminds me to tell you guys that this really is what he heard in the beginning, when he heard Lindsey and I. These are the voices that he heard and the phrasing and this is why he asked to join his amazing band. And so I want to thank you for that, Mick. Thank you, Mick, for dragging me out of the coffee shop! And it’s called ‘Without You’.