Birmingham, UK - LG Arena (09.29.2013)

Stevie: "I thought it was lost" and I’m like, "Well, it’s found now! And what do you think about we record it?" and he said, "Okay. Let’s record it." So at the end of last year we went to his house and we recorded it. Me and him and John and... the tall guy. And, uh, - sometimes I just forget people’s names, Mick, I’m sorry, your name just went right out of my head – It happens. That guy. So anyway we went to Lindsey’s house and we recorded the song and it came out great. Thank you, Mick! And uh, and Mick said to me- and this is what the whole story is leading to... Mick said to me, “Don’t forget that” – if Lindsey was wearing a watch, he’d be looking at it – “Don’t forget to tell the audience when we play this that, um, this was one of the things that really attracted me to you and Lindsey was the way you guys sings against the way he plays,” because we sing in counterpoint to the way that he plays and I think that’s what makes us really special and from the very beginning I thought that and Mick saw that because Mick has a very good eye and ear. Ahem, and so I said, “Okay, I’ll remember that.” I can’t remember your name but (???) remember the story. So, anyway, that’s what, for the first three weeks of the forty seven shows in the United States, that’s the story I told.

And one night Lindsey Buckingham says to me, in the middle of my story in front of 15,000 people, “But no! That is not what attracted Mick Fleetwood to us.” And I’m like “Hmm. Well, what did?” and he said, “Me!” They needed a smoking hot guitar player. They did not need his girlfriend. And I’m thinking to myself, “He’s so, he’s very right.” I can’t really run over to him and say *whispers* “Could you have just talked to me about this after the show?”

Lindsey: I, I, well I said it nicer than that.

Stevie: You did.

Lindsey: Yeah.

Stevie: You did. Um, so, I realized and we realized all together in one foul swoop that that is what Mick was looking for. He was really looking for a guitarist – a great guitarist – to replace their guitarist who had just left the band. And so – this is where it all goes to – I would like to thank you, Lindsey, for bringing me with you into Fleetwood Mac. *bows to Lindsey*

Lindsey: Well, so far it’s worked out okay.

Stevie: And I would like to thank you, Mick Fleetwood, for bringing both of us into your band. *Mick points to John* You always have to point over there! I knoooow he's there. Thank you, Mick. You're welcome. What is your name again? *laughs* And especially, we would like to - yesss. The man on the bass - Johnny Mac. Thank you for going along with it. So here it is, the lost song - it is called Without You and it is pretty much exactly the way that we recorded it in 1974.