Atlanta, GA - Philips Arena (06.10.2013)

Stevie: This song, we laugh about it every night on the plane when we leave the city that we’ve just played at. It started out being, you know, maybe a minute and it ended up being longer than the song. So (?) shorten it (?) completely (?). So I'll just try and be as focused as I can. In 1970, probably, I wrote a poem and it was a really beautiful poem about Lindsey and I, who had been in a band for three years and had also been going together for quite a while even by then. So, um, I put the poem, I don't know, in my pocket, and we packed up and moved to Los Angeles to get a record deal. So the poem wasn't made into a song for the first Buckingham Nicks album - and I don't remember why, cos it shoulda been but it wasn't. So anyway, the album came out and it was critically acclaimed and people loved it and Polydor dropped it. So Lindsey and I were back to square one. Devastated, speechless, really didn't know what to do.

But what do you do when you're a struggling musician? You start another record. So we think that this song, this poem, was then put to music, and then we recorded a demo of it, a really, really good demo. And then the demo got lost. And we're not sure who stole it from our house but somebody did. And then they're so clever they stole it and, cos they were our friends, they brought it back, so we never even knew it was gone. And then WE lost it. So it was lost twice. And then, in 2010, some friends of ours who were on, you know my favorite thing, ‘YouTube’, found it. Floating around. So I took it to Lindsey and I said, 'Do you remember this song?' And Lindsey said, 'Well, yes, I do, I think I do remember it.' And I said, 'Well, isn't it just marvellous?' and he said, 'Yeah,' so I said, 'Let's record it.' So we did. We went to his house at the end of last year and went to his studio and recorded this song. And it’s recorded almost exactly like it was in 1974. Which is great because it’s nice to bring back (???) who we were before this whole thing happened. *to Lindsey* Right? Right. If you wanna jump in here, ‘right’. Just say it: ‘right’.

Lindsey: Right. 1974.

Stevie: 1974. So, anyway... So then, Mick likes to remind you (?) to remind you guys that the way that we sing together, Lindsey and I, the way he plays guitar to our voices, it's a THING that we developed between 1968 and 1975 when we joined Fleetwood Mac. So he (?) remind you that this is what he heard and this is one of the things that I love, that I was really attracted to. And so that's what my story was, ended up. And then about two weeks, three weeks into the tour, Lindsey reminds me onstage in front of 15,000 people that that's really not what happened. What happened was Mick Fleetwood, John McVie and Christine McVie needed a lead guitarist. Nothing in the words 'lead guitarist' said 'lead guitarist and hippie girlfriend'. 

So then we come to the part where I would like to thank the boys. First of all, I'd like to thank Lindsey Buckingham for bringing me with him on this wild ride. Second of all, I'd like to thank Mr Mick Fleetwood for noticing us and finding us. As I walked away from my waitress job, giving two weeks notice (?). I want to thank you for that. And I also want to thank Mr John McVie for probably saying, 'Just bring the girl!' So that's my story. (?) play this song for you all and it's not as long as the story. It is very much like we did it in 1974 and it is very dear to our hearts. It's called 'Without You'.