Anaheim, CA - Honda Center (05.28.2013)

Stevie: …so many other things that happened along with it that it starts to mess up your story. So the story is there was a poem written, probably in about 1970 by moi. And probably put in a drawer and not lost. Then Lindsey and I moved to Los Angeles and the poem, I’m sure, went with us and, uh, four years later – almost four years later? I have to check my facts with Lindsey now – in 1974 after the Buckingham Nicks album basically got dropped by Polydor Records, we started what would become Buckingham Nicks II. And we think that this song was probably one of the first songs that we actually made a demo for for that record that never was made but was started.

So anyway, the song was completely lost and in 2010 some of my friends found the demo, that we don’t have because I think somebody stole it out of the house and then crept back into the house and put it back, y’know. Probably Mick. And then we lost it ourselves. So the whole thing was ridiculous. So anyway, we found it and I took it to Lindsey and said, “Do you remember this song?” And he’s like, “Well, yeah. I do.” And I said, “Well, I think we should do it.” And he goes, “Okay.” So anyway, that’s what we did. We went to his studio and we recorded it almost exactly as it is recorded on our fantastic demo that we made. And here’s where the story falls apart.

Lindsey: *clears throat*

Stevie: *to Lindsey* I know. I know you’re bored but just hang in there.

Lindsey: I’m not! I love this story. 

Stevie: I know, just hang with me here. So, anyway, Mick always told me, when we first recorded this a couple of months ago, remember to tell the audience that this song is really, the way Lindsey plays, the way you guys sing together, your phrasing, the whole thing that you guys do, your Everly Brother thing, is one of the things that really attracted him to me and Lindsey. And then Lindsey reminded me once, onstage, that, in front of 16,000 people, that actually that wasn’t what attracted Mick to us at all. What attracted Mick to Lindsey was that Fleetwood Mac needed a lead guitarist. Now, nowhere in the words ‘lead guitarist’ is there ‘and his girlfriend’. So - 

Lindsey: *starts to talk*

Stevie: Okay, take it, Lindsey!

Lindsey: No, I’m just going to say, what they didn’t know was that they also needed a brilliant lead singer.

Stevie: Thank you so much for saying that but the end –

Lindsey: *starts to walk towards Stevie*

Stevie: You can come over here. *beckons* 

Lindsey: *walks to Stevie and they put arms around each other, side by side*

Stevie: But the end of this crazy story is that they did ask us to join the band – Mick and John and Christine – and we did. And I like to thank Lindsey and... What’s his name?

Lindsey: *quietly says 'Mick'* *says 'Mick' into mic*

Stevie: Mick. And John. And Chris is only here in spirit but here. For asking us to join their band. Because, you know, we were starving. Anyway, so here it is – 

Lindsey: Mick and I would like to thank you, too. 

Stevie: Well, thank you. We’re just the thank you twins, I think. 

Lindsey: Let’s not forget John.

Stevie: And let’s not forget John McVie! *facing John* Because truly, when I first heard you guys were thinking about asking us, I went and bought all your records and I thought to myself, swear to god, what a GREAT bass player John McVie is. I mean it, really. You can pay me on the plane. *laughs* So anyway, this song is that little song that was found. Lost and then found. And it is on our little EP thing, our epp. And it’s called Without You. Here it is, exactly as it was.