Albany, NY - Times Union Center Arena (06.19.2013)

Stevie: ...doesn't work very well. So, I'll start at the beginning and try and make it a little shorter than it's supposed to be. So in 1973 - no, wrong. Wrong. In 1970 I wrote a poem in San Francisco about Lindsey and I. It was a very beautiful poem. It was written about us when everything was just fantastic because, of course, we hadn't made it in the music business yet and we were struggling and we were poor. We weren't even that poor, actually, because we lived at our parents' house so... Everything was actually pretty damn good. They supported us; we were having a lot of fun. So I wrote this poem, probably put it, you know, in the desk next to my bed and then we decided we were going to move to Los Angeles and get a record deal. And so we did. We hopped in Lindsey's Skylark or Buick, Skylark, and zoomed down to Los Angeles and made the 'Buckingham Nicks' album. We got a record deal and we made a record. So we made this great record and we really thought this was a great record, because we had worked on it for three years so... You know, it was, we thought we'd done our very best and we put it out to critical acclaim, and the record company dropped our record. And we were devastated, speechless, you name it, we were horrified. And so the only thing that we could do was do what all musicians do when they are thrown to the ground: we just started another record. We talked somebody into giving us some free studio time and, um, so we were, you know, we were recording the second Buckingham Nicks record. And this song that we're going to play for you next, um, was that poem put to music And we figure, the two of us, we're figuring that it's probably one of the first one, two, maybe three, demos that we made for the second Buckingham Nicks record, and it got lost. It went onto a cassette and we had about a hundred million cassettes in our house and we also had lots of, probably, sleazy friends that we didn't realize were sleazy then but probably were. And totally stole the cassette and away went the song. And then we think they actually put it back so that we never even knew it was stolen. And then WE lost it. 

So the song. Gone. In a poof. In 2010, some friends of mine were on my not-favorite thing, the Internet, YouTube, and they found our song. Floating around on YouTube. And somebody had made like (?) really good demo! And had put just like a bunch of pictures of Lindsey and I. There it was. So I get it and take it to Lindsey and I go, 'Do you remember this song?' And he's like, 'Well, yeah, I do. I'm playing on it.' And it was wild because both of us remember it so well. It's probably like the only song we do up here that I, I just know it. I know it. I don't even have to think about it I know it so well. Of course, now I'm going to make lots of mistakes. Anyway, so, I'm getting lost now... This happens every night. Cos my story got a little screwed up. Okay, I know what it is. I think. 

So in the very beginning, Mick said, 'Don't forget to tell the audience that this is one of the things that I was really attracted to with you two was the way Lindsey plays guitar, the way you two sing', is like Lindsey plays a very counterpoint to the way he and I sing. It's like a triangle, like a pyramid. And that's actually what makes what we do really special, is because we are kind of 'off' all the time. So that was my story up until a couple of weeks ago, when Lindsey decided to tell me in front of, ooh, I don't know, 15/16,000 people, 'Well, actually, that's not what Mick Fleetwood was really attracted to when he asked us to join Fleetwood Mac.' What he needed was a lead guitarist. Nowhere in the words 'lead guitarist' does it say 'lead guitarist AND hippie girlfriend.' So the story ends with me wanting to thank Lindsey. And to Mick and to John. But let me start with him. Thank you, Lindsey, for taking for with you on this wild ride of yours into Fleetwood Mac. He's speechless. You're completely speechless. *Lindsey nods* Alright, moving on... Do you want to say anything at all? *Lindsey shakes head* *shakes head and laughs* You don't! Not even the girlfriend thing?

Lindsey: Oh. Oh, sure. Well, two things. Mick called and said, 'Would you like to join Fleetwood Mac?' and I said, 'You'll have to take my girlfriend too.' That's what I call loyalty. But, you know, no one can sat it didn't work out for the best.

Stevie: Drumroll! Alright, now we get to Mick. I also now would like to thank Mick Fleetwood for finding either of us or both of us, whatever, and asking us to join this marvellous band and taking us on this wild Alice in Wonderland ride. Yayyyyyy! Thank you, Mick. And last but not least, I would like to thank the best and the most handsomest bass player in the whole world, Mr John McVie, for just saying - This is what I think he said: 'Just take the girl!!!' So after that really even longer introduction, the song is called 'Without You'. It is done pretty much as it was in 1973 before it got lost. And, uh, we hope you like it.