Without You

In 2013, Fleetwood Mac released an EP which contained four songs: Sad Angel, Miss Fantasy, It Takes Time and Without You. The latter, written by Stevie Nicks, was initially demoed for a potential second Buckingham Nicks album, and was re-discovered by Nicks and her friends in 2010 on YouTube. During Fleetwood Mac's worldwide tour in 2013, Stevie introduced the song, at first with only a few short words but eventually becoming a near ten minute speech, complete with interjections from Lindsey. 

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On Fleetwood Mac's Unleashed tour in 2009, Stevie began introducing Gypsy, a song with an old origin story, going all the way back to a house she and Lindsey had shared back in San Jose. 

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Interviews & Articles

This is a collection of transcripts I have done of various radio interviews and print articles. Requests are welcome. 

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