Abandoned Blanket

She liked the feeling of blankets covering her, the heat and pressure of them, and how she felt like she could cocoon herself away from the shit that was going on outside her bed and her hotel room...

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An Appealing Menu

Sitting comfortably on the couch, he took a small bite from a fresh apple and grinned at his lover. “I’m sure you’re plenty capable but the question is, do I want to take the risk?”...

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Best Of You

“Well, that was….”

“Great?” she suggested, taking his hand and letting herself lean on him slightly as they walked backstage. Next time, no heels. “Amazing also works for me.”

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Before The Morning

She knows it doesn’t mean as much if she has to force him to say it, but she’s feeling needy right now (and Stevie hates that so much because she doesn’t need him; she just sort of, well, depends on him, dammit)...

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