Gypsy That Remains

In memory of Robin (Snyder) Anderson. September 11th, 1948 - October 5th, 1982.

The Robin-Rhiannon Painting, by Stevie Nicks

The Robin-Rhiannon painting was done for my best friend, Robin Anderson. Robin is also my speech therapist... and the lady who traveled with Fleetwood Mac during the time when... my voice just seemed to give up. My friend saved my voice, with a lot of patience and love. When I was fifteen and a half, she listened to me sing the first song I ever wrote. This painting is for Robin, (like that long ago, first born song) because she alone has seen it all... and stayed like the charmed hour... and the haunted song... and Rhiannon...
— Stevie Nicks, 10-16-81 (Bella Donna Songbook)

Rhiannon, by Stevie Nicks 10-12-82

Rhiannon was started at the onset of Robin’s leukemia~last August~she died last Tuesday~she was originally finished for Patrick at City of Hope~he died while she was still in her grey stage~I finished her in brilliance upon Robin’s death~because Robin was brilliant~May she be the patron of driving this disease away~it can not live, this cancer~amongst Rhiannon’s bright colors~she was a bright light girl and we will fight with white light.
— S. Nicks

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