THE LEGITIMACY OF @lndsybuckingham

Mick's official twitter account (@mickfleetwood) follows seven accounts, including @lndsybuckingham. Christine's official Twitter account (@christine_mcvie) also follows it. In addition, the @lndsybuckingham account is linked to on Lindsey's official profile with The Windish Agency. Other verified or legitimate Twitter accounts who follow it include:

@VederaMusic, @TimRoxborough, @PrivateSessions, @stevewymt, @glindsey1003@warnermusic, @gibsonguitar, @WarnerMusicAU, @SMBofficial, @takuhirano, @FloridaTheatre, @PabstTheater, @stationcasinos, @keswicktheatre, @pandora_radio, @BULLETTMedia, @stereogum, @scottgum, @GuitarWorld, @INgrooves, @groveofanaheim, @DarkForcesSwing, @WUWMradio, @pulmyears, @MusicRadar, @MarthaQuinn, @TimeOutNYMusic, @dianebirch, @iheartguitar, @tocap, @windishagency, @wexarts, @stateofithica, @RPlayhouse, @USRoyalty, @TaoOfSound, @CenterStageAtl, @ThePenguinsTale, etc.

THE CONNECTION TO @realstevinicks

@lndsybuckingham, @realstevinicks and @sherylcrow1 are all accounts which were set up in April 2009. This is who they follow as of January 2015. 


GUIDE TO @lndsybuckingham @realstevinicks @sherylcrow1 TWITTER ACCOUNTS


Please note: I haven't included all tweets by the Sheryl Crow account, just the ones most relevant to showing the connection between these three social media accounts. Of most interest are the common misspellings, grammatical errors and topics across all accounts, as well as the style of posting and the exact times that the tweets were sent.  


John McBride - Sound engineer and so on. Engineered ‘In Your Dreams’. Martina McBride’s husband. General manager of Blackbird Studio, and director of The Blackbird Academy, based in Nashville. He ran into Stevie at the ACMs this year. His linkdin profile says this:

[April 2014] I was hired to track Stevie Nick's new album and it was INCREDIBLE!!! We had a wonderful time tracking for two weeks and then doing another week of vocals! Killer band, Stevie was the ROCK STAR I knew she already was, and everyone had a great time. Produced by Dave Stewart and Waddie Wachtel. Heavenly experience!

Ayal Kleinman - Marketing dude for Warner Bros Records. [by Dec. 2014, no longer followed]

Lady Gaga - Musician. Leader of Little Monsters. Mutual lovefest. Compliments. Stevie praised Applause. Gaga praised Stevie. With Steven Tyler in March.

Cyndi Lauper - Musician. Legend. Stevie’s mentioned her going back decades. Cyndi covered You Make Lovin’ Fun back in 1977, and was the first song she ever released. 

Entertainment Promo - Tweeting from Pittsburgh. Promotes various artists, musicians, and so on.

Twitter / Verified Accounts

Elisabeth Rohm - Actress best known for parts on L&O and Angel. Recently wrote book, much regarding her experience with IVF and so on. Both attended the Womens Guild Cedar-Sinair Honors in 2012.

Phoenix Stone - Nashville-based country musician that I wasn’t aware of. Had to laugh at the lyrics of ‘Radio On’, which even has a lovely Johnny & June reference.

The Talk (CBS) - Natter, natter, natter. Stevie is friends with Sharon Osborne and appeared on the show in September 2011. She was also on America’s Got Talent when Stevie made an appearance.

Marilyn Denis - Radio broadcaster and Canadian daytime television talk show host. She interviewed Stevie in 2001, and has been to Fleetwood Mac concerts in 2013 and 2014, even garnering a dedication at the latter. In 2012, Marilyn said “Stevie Nicks and I have actually become friends since we chatted about 10 years ago”.

Amber Coffman - Member of The Dirty Projectors (a band Lindsey really likes). Dressed up ala Stevie for a Halloween gig in 2009.

Angie Harmon - Actress. Best known for roles in Law & Order (a show she LOVES), and Rizolli & Isles.

Lisa Lambe - Irish actress and singer. Member of Celtic Woman. She likes Stevie. A lot.

Fyrare - Rapper/singer/producer with Island Def Jam.

Daniel Knauf - Awesome geezer who created and wrote Carnivale. Head writer for NBC’s Dracula and, amusingly in LB connections, in 2010, it was announced that Knauf will be writing the HBO/BBC America mini-series, Year Zero, based on the concept album by Nine Inch Nails front man Trent Reznor, Lindsey’s new buddy who also has connections with Jimmy Iovine.

Frances Bean Cobain - How is she even anything close to normal? Good job, girl. Child of Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love. She likes Stevie, as does her mother, of course.

Julia Stiles - Actress who I will always adore, even if just for 10 Things I Hate About You. Big fan of Stevie. Saw FM in concert in June of last year at Jones Beach. And mentioned her in an interview this year.

Corey Britz - Bass player for rock band Bush (headed by Gavin Rossdale, Gwen Stefani’s husband). They’ve covered Landslide before. More than once. Both Gavin and Stevie were guest mentors on The Voice this year, Gavin with Gwen, and Stevie with Adam Levine.

Mackenzie Phillips - Actress and singer, who gained stardom in the 70s. Had drug and alcohol problems into the nineties. Phillips references Stevie’s ‘I Miss You’ in her autobiography (she played the song a lot in the wake of her feather’s death, identifying with the lyrics), and she mentions Waddy in it as well. Had mentioned S on Twitter a few times.

Typical Girl - Seriously, Stevie!? HAHAHAHAHA.

Sinn Bodhi - Professional wrestler. Seriously. I CANNOT find a connection, lol.

Kids of 88 - New wave duo based in Auckland, New Zealand. They cop to being brought up on many bands, including Fleetwood Mac.

Karsh Kale - Indian American Musician and producer. Pioneering figure in defining Asian Underground genre, and is also involved in table drumming and film composition. Can we play degrees of separation? Karsh Kale > Anouska Shankar > Norah Jones > Lindsey Buckingham is a fun way to go. :D He was VERY pleased to have Stevie follow him on Twitter. You can watch him perform HERE with a FM shirt on.

The Civil Wars - There’s a picture of her chatting with Joy at a Grammys afterparty earlier this year. Stevie’s niece Jessi is also a big fan (she has several of their songs on a YouTube playlist on her channel), though unfortunately the band has dissolved now. Stevie’s compared them to Buckingham Nicks which is along the lines of what a lot of fan and media say. Info HERE. Joy mentioned Stevie in an interview she did with Hayley Williams of Paramore.

Little Texas - Country music band founded in Nashville in 1988. Signed to Warner Bros. in 1991.

The 69 Eyes - Sits nicely between the Katy Perry and Lady Gaga, no? :D They’re a Finnish band and the band’s fans describe their style as ‘goth ‘n’ roll’.

Carly Steel - Presenter and actress. Has hosted on TV Guide Network, and CBS’s The Insider, etc.

Mike Beaudet - Reporter and anchor at WFXT-TV FOX 25. He’s a big fan.

Melissa Etheridge - Musician, activist, awesome person. They both performed at an AARP event in NOLA in 2012.

Joy Behar - Comedian, writer, actress. Co-hosted The View. She co-auctioneered with Bette Midler at the Hulaween event Stevie attended in 2006.

Jillian Jensen - Contestant on The X Factor in 2012; auditioned for American Idol XIII.

Cathy Kightlinger - Reporter/writer, and racing enthusiast from Indianapolis. She’s a fan, it seems.

Filter - Industrial rock group formed in 1993 by Richard Patrick, who broke from Nine Inch Nails and formed a new band. Two former members have also played in Billy Corgan’s touring band. Patrick likes the guitar hook from Gypsy.  

Jessie Baylin - A fun fact. The @sherylcrow1 account that the @realstevinicks account follows? Follows Jessie. The official Stevie account? Follows Jessie. Jessi Nicks? Follows Jessie. And Jessie’s husband, in fact. Some more fun facts? Jessie Baylin is based in Nashville, is married to a member of Kings of Leon, has worked and written with Norah Jones a lot, had Waddy play on her third album, has worked with Dave Stewart, and has covered 'Storms' and adores Stevie. She’s also friends with John Mayer, and said this:

My friend John Mayer once told me, “Just write. Write as much as you possibly can. All the time.” Also, John knows I love Stevie Nicks, and one day when he knew he was going to see her, he bought a Moleskine for her to sign. He told her, “I know this girl who loves you and I really feel like you’re going to inspire her if you sign this. She’ll fill it up.” He then sent it to me with a note that said, “To help you on your way…” I opened it up and it said, “With love, Stevie.” The day I received the signed Moleskine, I wrote “The Glitter.”

She posted this on Twitter/Tumblr, replied to THIS on twitter, and her husband tweeted THIS to her when someone tweeted it to him.

Smashing Pumpkins - Who of course covered Landslide, amongst many, many other awesome things they’ve done. In 1998, in an online chat Stevie said:

I was very honored to have Billy Corgan pick out that song on his own. There's nothing more pleasing to a songwriter than [someone] doing one of their songs. It also led to me being friends with Billy Corgan, and the possibility that we'll work together. Over this song, there's been this incredible connection...he reached out.

Jann Arden - Canadian singer-songwriter. She has covered Dreams on an album, interviewed Stevie on her radio show in 2011, and both of them performed at the Voices in the Park gig in Vancouver.

Diane Birch - She loves incense. Surely that’s enough reason for a follow? NYC based singer-songwriter. People have compared her voice to Stevie’s before. She partially covers Dreams HERE, and did a cover of Landslide which aired on NCIS: LA.

Carmen Braidwood - Australian breakfast presenter on 96FM. She was VERY excited about interviewing her in 2011. The Perth radio station promoted her gigs on their site.

The Raveonettes - Danish indie rock duo. Lots of good two-part harmonies and quite dark lyrical content. They love Stevie, as evidenced by saying she sang like an angel when watching her in March, 2014.

Foghat - British rock band who peaked in the 70s. So cool, Stevie. :D She attended a show of theirs in 1977 and there’s also THIS photo of her with them from back in the day.

Kim Yarbrough - The Voice Season 2 finalist. Naturally, Adam was her coach.  She’s also made guest appearances on various television shows.

Nicole Richie - daughter of Lionel, wife of Joel Madden, friend of Paris Hilton. An amusing photo of her with Sharon Osbourne, and Kathy Griffin. Just because. She attended a FM Unleashed show in 2009.

Verizon Center - DC. It is what it is. A venue.

Tampa Bay Times Forum - Florida. It is what it is. A venue.

Brian Ray - Session musician, guitarist, bassist, songwriter, musical director, etc. Best known for playing in Paul McCartney’s recording and touring band for over a decade now. He attended a Fleetwood Mac concert in 2014.

Sunny Sweeney - Nashville based country musician. Stevie is a hero to her, and she’s praised Fleetwood Mac too.

Justin Warfield - Musician and hip hop emcee, who is currently half of a darkwave duo, which draws from groups like Joy Division, New Order, Depeche Mode, and Interpol. He joins a discussion which includes the topic of FM on this podcast.

Brandon Hilton - Apparently a ‘pop/dance artist, songwriter, and actor’ as that’s what his twitter account says. He LOVVVVVVES Stevie.

Hypnogaja - An LA based alt. rock band which started as an electronic studio project. They’re big fans of FM, Lindsey, and Stevie. They went to a concert in 2009, watched the Rumours era footage from Japan, got excited at shaking Lindsey’s hand, and went to Stevie’s show at the Wiltern in 2011.

Anthony Gemma - Described thus on his twitter account: “President, CEO, Candidate for US Congress, Radio and TV Talk Show Host, Social Media Guru, Author, Innovator, Creative Marketing Expert, Public Speaker.” He was a 2012 Democratic candidate who sought to represent Rhode Island.

The Coffee Bean - Aww. “Born and brewed in California since 1963.” You can check their website out HERE. Stevie’s a classy, needy gal. :D

Variety - The entertainment magazine.

Bif Naked - Canadian singer-songwriter, actress and motivation speaker.

Joy Williams - Formerly of The Civil Wars. See that explanation above.

VH1 Music - This really doesn’t need an explanation…

US Royalty - Washington, DC based indie rock band. They’ve covered Wild Heart a number of times live. HERE and HERE, for example. People have also compared their sound to FM before - particularly this song, Monte Carlo. One member said this about them:

"I remember, in 8th grade, a friend of mine taped this Fleetwood Mac PBS show around the time when The Dance came out, when they reunited,” Thornley tells SPIN. “I was so enchanted by this ‘Rhiannon’ song. They sounded like rock’n’roll, but they had this mystery to them.” Soon after, Paul was learning how to play guitar like the Mac’s Lindsey Buckingham, and John aimed to handle a drum kit like wild man Mick Fleetwood.

CMT - Ah, yes, all this does is reminds me of her talking about her ‘other half’ and how it wasn’t ‘that’ kind of dream so he didn’t have to worry when he heard about it… #countrymusicforbuckinghamnicksyall

Paula Froke - Associated Press special liaison editor.

Sarah Buxton - Country music artist based in Nashville. Keith Urban recorded a co-written song of hers called Stupid Boy - at the request of Nicole Kidman, and another called Put You In A Song. She’s also co-written several songs which have appeared on the TV show Nashville (which Callie Khouri - who happens to have known Carol Ann Harris back in the day - runs). Interestingly, Stevie was one of her heroes growing up:

“Stevie’s lyrics were like poetry,” explains Sarah, “so I started to write poetry of my own … full of angst, and confusion. And the more I became interested in artistry and disinterested in school activities, the more nervous my poor mother became!”

"At my high school, a group of my friends sang “The Chain,” which is a Fleetwood Mac song and I came home raving about it and my mom went to the record store and bought me Rumors, which is something she never did so it was very strange, I heard the album and immediately was like “Oh my God! That’s way better than what I just heard at the talent show!” I’ve always been a lyric reader and I guess it was the way they wrote the lyrics on there and just a name in bold at the top and I saw “Dreams – Nicks.” So I thought, wow, “Stevie Nicks” wrote that.  There was something about the way she puts a melody with a lyric that made me just realize the personalness of it and realized that I’ve been writing in journals and poetry my whole life so why not put music to it?”

She’s even had the chance to chat with two of the members of Fleetwood Mac, who helped start her on this songwriting journey.

“I met Lindsey Buckingham a few weeks ago and told him the whole story about ‘Showtime,’” she recalls. “I also met Stevie Nicks that summer after my senior year. I actually got to have a conversation with her that made me go, ‘You know, she’s just a person who made it happen. I better go do something, too.’”

After graduating high school, Sarah got the chance to meet Stevie, who encouraged her to pursue music and move to Nashville. As per Sarah’s twitter: all hail the high priestess! (Amusing sidenote - she dated and married the guitarist in her band; it ended in divorce soon after).

Friend or Follow - LOL, Stevie.

Gennaro - Co-owns @Shoutouts. YouTube director. Competitor in Arizona Rifle Team.

Kyle Kore Parsons - Online blogger, music personality, and infamous party host. Check out info HERE.

Jimmy Star - As per his twitter, “Director of Operations of the Urban Division of The Spectra Music Group Largest Indie Record Label in the World”. Based in Philly, PA.

Dana White - Based in Las Vegas, NV. He’s a businessman, entrepreneur, and the President of the mixed martial arts organisation Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). On a TV show in 2011, he even sported a black shirt with Rumours-era Stevie on it, lol. David Beckham as worn that one as well. He loves Stevie - went and saw FM in Vegas last December.

Katy Perry - a recent adoptee. Think Stevie was behind her relationship with John Mayer, seeing as she absolutely adores him as well, lol (speaking of, Lindsey’s also been to Mayer concerts…)? She did the voice-over for a trailer for The One Who Got Away and said this about it. She has also praised ET and Roar, and her and Lindsey exchanged lyrics from Katy’s album Prism in Las Vegas last year, a concert Katy and Mayer attended. Stevie has also given her advice about ‘rivals’, and Katy adores her.

Papa Roach - Aww, I’d forgotten they even existed! A hard-rock band, of course. I’m very jealous because ‘Stevie’ sent them a DM earlier this year on Twitter. So random. I assume it was a VERY late reply to THIS.

Chad Michaels - Was Top 3 on RuPaul’s Drag Race 4, and is a Cher impersonator. And so Stevie isn’t left out… ;) Chad as Ms. Nicks HERE and HERE and HERE.

MDNA Mafia - Speaks for itself, I should think. :D

Billboard - Also speaks for itself.

Kyle Anderson - Marie Claire fashion editor; consultant, stylist, etc. He’s written one or two Fleetwood Mac articles for

Lea Michele - Singer and actress, best known for Glee. Stevie exchanged supportive e-mails/letters with her after the loss of her boyfriend and colleague, Cory Monteith. Stevie is friends with Glee creator Ryan Murphy (and Lindsey+wife knows him too; through charity stuff) and they covered Rumours songs in a S2 episode, and she acted in AHS: Coven, and allowed her music to be used in it.

Cher - LEGEND. TWITTER QUEEN. They both performed on VH1s Divas in 2002.

Keith Caulfield - Associate Director of Charts at Billboard. He’s a big Stevie fan and has interviewed her a number of times, as well as writing articles about her and Fleetwood Mac for years. He mentions them on Twitter occasionally, too.

Darren Hayes - Australian singer/songwriter, best known as half of Savage Garden. He LOVES Stevie. Like really. He saw FM on the SYW tour and wrote this about it for an online blog:

On a personal note, I saw Fleetwood Mac in concert on Saturday night at Earls Court and finally met my goddess Stevie Nicks. I have been a fan of Stevie’s since I was probably 10 years old when my sister got me into Fleetwood and subsequently all of Stevie’s solo material. In fact, the reason I wrote with Rick Nowels last time was because of his work on Stevie’s Rock A Little album. If you look at the credits on ‘Spin’ you’ll see I quote ‘Sara’ on there actually as a dedication to Stevie’s influence on me. If you ever get a chance listen to ‘I sing for the things’ and ‘Has anyone ever written anything for you’ off that album. Anyhoo.. my point is that I’ve loved Stevie for years and finally met her and it lived up to any ‘fan’ experience you might ever want. And I got some great advice. So Stevie, if you’re out there… you’re still the poet in my heart.

Twitter reference #1 is HERE. And when poor Darren died of envy at Keith Caulfield interviewing her, ‘Stevie’ was a dear and replied to HIM.

Ryan Murphy - Writer for television. Best known at the moment for creating and writing Glee and American Horror Story, both of which Stevie has had a level of involvement with.

E Online - Self-explanatory. You gossip hound, Stephanie.

Paul Draper - Liverpudlian musician, songwriter and producer, best known for his work with rock band Mansun. Lived in Memphis and Nashville for some time in the 00s.

American Horror Story - what it says on the lid. Stevie allowed many songs to be played throughout Coven. Murphy based an entire character on and around her - Misty Day, played by Lily Rabe. Stevie eventually cameo-ed on two episodes.

Joy Valencia - LA based musician who studied music production and engineering. Independent artist.

Mindy White - Musician who who is a former member of Arizona-based indie rock band Lydia and current lead vocalist of the band States. Born in Houston and moved to Nashville at the age of five. Still based in Nashville, according to her Twitter account. She digs Stevie and her and friend Juliet Simms (best known for The Voice, I guess) gushed over her in the comments section.

Res - As per her twitter, “Lamont’s daughter, singer, songwriter and music selector. I am 1/2 of Idle Warship.” Her Stevie connection? Her most recent project was called Refried Mac.

Warner Bros. Promo  - “Official Twitter account of Warner Bros. Records radio promotion staff.”

Gabe Ortiz - San Francisco based writer, mostly on political subjects. He also loves cats and Stevie Nicks. Of course.

NOH8 Campaign - I assume everyone is aware of this by now so explanation needed.

Human Rights Campaign - “The Human Rights Campaign is America’s largest civil rights organization working to achieve lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (#LGBT) #equality.”

Trevor Rich - a dude who likes Tusk. Has tweeted about Stevie many times. LA-based.

Scott - I love when she follows us plebs. Flight attendant with Spirit Airlines, and resides in Dallas.

Stevie Nicks Chain - Fan club twitter.

Jake Updegraff - “Digital Marketing For Celebs | CWU Graduate” I don’t think he knows why he’s being followed either, lol. At all.

Alexia - Musician. She’s from Arizona.

Fleetwood Mac - Oh, look! It’s the band she’s actually a member of!

Jacqui Sandell - Appeared on Season 4 of The Voice, and covered Dreams. Stevie’s twitter account even praised her for it.

Fleetwood Mac News - So she knows what’s happening with her band, obviously.

Stevie Nicks News - So she knows what’s happening with her, obviously.

Pink - Supporting those female musicians and artists. Good girl, Stevie. Here’s a short video of Pink singing Landslide, and here’s an interview where Stevie says she knows Pink well and praises her.

Tyler - LA based graphic designer and full stack web developer. Has worked with a large number of artists and companies.

Perez Hilton - Scum. And celebrity blogger and friend and so on. And he did interview Stevie and adores her so a point for that, I guess.

Warner Bros. Records - Official and all.

Torrey DeVitto - Actress best known for her work on Pretty Little Liars. Daughter of Mary (Steve’s bestie) and Liberty (drummed for Stevie once upon a time) DeVitto. She played violin on In Your Dreams, and Stevie’s niece Jessi has pictures with various family members over the years online. They’ve communicated over Twitter. Torrey and Stevie both were involved in a fundraiser recently.

Paul Wesley - Acts in The Vampire Diaries. Dated Torrey DeVitto from 2007; was married to her from 2011 to 2013.

Good Morning America - Stevie hates early mornings. I hate morning television shows. She’s appeared on the show multiple times.

Oprah Winfrey - Get that promo, Ms Nicks.

Rod Stewart - Get those touring $$$, Ms Nicks.

Dave Stewart - Get those cashmere hugs ready for Lindsey’s visits, Ms Nicks.