Stevie - You Magazine (11.16.2003)

My first serious boyfriend was a senior in high school, the same year I met Lindsey Buckingham, my fellow songwriter. Lindsey is the only boyfriend I ever really lived with. I loved to make sure his blankets were right, his food was right.

Lindsey and I have forgiven each other for all the horrible days we put each other through. We are so enjoying each other right now. We get to have our little love affair on stage again and again, and we share it with the world, but I know he’s really happy with his wife Kristen.

Lindsey had his first child at the age of 50, and I feel his little girl Leelee is like my own. I’m not her godmother, but I insist on being a part of her life. She is just to die for. And their little boy Will is gorgeous, like his father. I tell Lindsey’s wife that their children make my heart sing. I feel that this is the way it’s supposed to be.