Review - The Independent (11.24.2003)

About half-way through the set, there's a two-song acoustic slot, with Nicks and the guitarist Lindsay Buckingham performing "Landslide" and "I'll Say Goodbye to You" as a duo. This is the perfect opportunity for them to tweak the audience's nostalgia for their long-since-finished love-affair. In reality, Buckingham once slapped Nicks and bent her backwards over the bonnet of his car, but tonight they are more Mills & Boon than Bonnie and Clyde.

"I know that somewhere in the past 25 years of your life you have heard this song," says Nicks of "Landslide". At the song's close, Buckingham puts his arm around Nicks and kisses her hair, then the arena's video-screens zoom in on their linked hands. "Are they back together, or what?" wonders a punter behind me. They aren't, of course, but in this, rock's longest-running soap opera, the "will they/won't they?" debate that Nicks and Buckingham astutely propagate is the equivalent of the dangling plotline that closes every episode of EastEnders.