Review - Manchester Online (12.04.2003)

AS Lindsey Buckingham played his guitar solo on Say You Will - a new Fleetwood Mac song pretty much like the old ones - Stevie Nicks sidled over and rested her forehead against his, nose-to-nose.

When Buckingham picked at his acoustic guitar during Landslide, Nicks stood behind her old lover and hugged his shoulders. 

And to the thundering soundtrack of Tusk, the pair squared up to each other like cartoon boxers, then fell into each other's arms and danced in the old-fashioned way - a neat metaphor for the last 25 years of their lives.

If Fleetwood Mac's pinnacle - the Rumours album of 1977 - was about break-ups and love gone wrong, today's incarnation (the Rumours line-up minus Christine McVie) is about friendship and looking back without anger.