Review - Contra Costa Times (07.08.2003)

HOW DIFFICULT it must be to be married to either Lindsey Buckingham or Stevie Nicks while these two tour with Fleetwood Mac, which pulled into Sacramento's Arco Arena Sunday night for the first of three Bay Area shows.

Not only is the former couple spending months on the road together, but so much of the material the pair has produced for its band over the past three decades concerns their soap opera past. Then they spend a good portion of each concert with eyes locked, delivering the words to each other like there's not thousands of people sitting there watching.

Of course, that's exactly the reason they do most of it -- for the crowd's benefit. Though Fleetwood Mac bears the name of drummer Mick Fleetwood and bassist John McVie, the intense songwriting duo out front is why the band still even exists in 2003, especially now that third writer Christine McVie has retired.

It's been the Lindsey and Stevie show, to a certain extent, since the mid-'70s. But Sunday's show and new album, "Say You Will," both stand as evidence that, despite the feel-good notion spawned by the first real working reunion of the classic Fleetwood Mac lineup in 16 years, it's now the Buckingham show more than anything else.

Buckingham's guitar playing was a close second on the bill of priorities to his stare-downs with Nicks.

That slid perfectly into Nicks' "Landslide," with just Buckingham and Nicks onstage (with about 10,000 people singing every syllable). They went even nuttier when they closed in together, and Nicks went behind Buckingham to hang onto his shoulders. The Lindsey and Stevie Love Show continued through Nicks' new song "Smile at You" and peaked later during Nicks' "Sliver Spring," which built into a climax that had Nicks glaring menacingly at her partner, while Buckingham slammed his foot against the stage.