Mick - Daily Oklahoman (06.27.2003)

Fleetwood began to start and stop his sentences as he grasped for a handle on his band's inter-relationships. 

"There's still a pretty fascinating -- it's not dull. You know, Stevie and Lindsey still -- it's just the way it's handled, is different. And you have to understand that all of us, no matter what has happened, there's always been an unwritten part of this. 

"And we acknowledge we have the chemistry that is the huge pay-off for all of us. Is that all of us have done different things, but nothing amounts to what it is when these people walk on the stage with one another. And we don't know what it is. We don't want or need to know, it just is." 

Could it be that gypsy in their blood? 

"I think that's where we're at," he said. "It's a happy tour. I think a lot of the creative sort of button-pushing -- which was not ugly, it was just sometimes exhausting -- happened before we got out on the road because this is simple."