Fleetwood Mac - Arizona Republic (07.20.2003)

"Everyone, in theory, has grown a lot, and everyone has worked out their issues to a certain degree," says Buckingham, who quit the band for a decade starting in 1987 to pursue a solo career.

"You come back and you see that this chemistry and these friendships still exist. . . . It all takes on a more tender aspect, and I think we're able to really appreciate what we had before."

Beyond that reconnection, both Buckingham and Phoenix-born Nicks say they're proud that the band is creating new music rather than simply playing its hits.

Nicks, who has never married, says her mind drifts back to that time when she and her former lover perform songs such as Landslide and Silver Springs:

"The great thing for the audience is that the passion and that incredible chemistry that we have always had is still totally there."

Buckingham, a married father of two, agrees, to a point:

"I think what you're seeing now as intensity is certainly there, but it's almost as a reflection, and it's certainly based on friendship."