Mick - Goldmine Magazine (11.21.1997)

Even so, it swiftly became apparent that all three principle writers had' very different methods of working. According to Fleetwood, "Christine's songs were usually more formed than some of Stevie's, but Stevie and Lindsey had always had a work situation where Lindsey would musically put her songs together, take what she had done and rearrange it. And yet my sense of it is that the survivability of the essence of Stevie's songs is usually so strong that Lindsey has the smarts to realize what that essence is, and often stays with that essence.

"He has an incredible knack, which is part of their magic and what they brought to the band. lie just knows how to interpret her, without taking something that's precious to her away. And her songs are extremely precious, sometimes almost to the point of she can't let go of them. Especially her words.

"But that's how this band is. Everyone's got an opinion. Certainly Stevie had an onward going relationship with Lindsey, where she respected and trusted what Lindsey would do. That was their partnership. Lindsey and Christine had a different relationship, because theirs' was much more of a musical one, because she's a player."