Lindsey - Rolling Stone (08.29.1997)

Question: During the Burbank tapings for "The Dance," what went through your mind when you saw Stevie start twirling around during "Rhiannon?"

LB:  Well, I didn't notice any twirls during "Rhiannon," although I know she did a few (laughs)--even if she has toned it down quite a bit.  You know, looking back, none of that (dancing) seemed out of place....

LB:  If you want to talk about me and Stevie specifically, I would have to say that by the time of "Tango in the Night," I didn't recognize her at all.  She wasn't the person I had known and had moved to Los Angeles with. I have also gotten through my own issues, some of which I really could not resolve until I left the band.  You may think, "Well, that's a long time, but when someone is in your face everyday, certain things don't get resolved.

Question:  Judging by the looks you exchanged with Stevie during those shows, there's still a little tension there.

LB:  No matter what, some of that chemistry will always be there.  It's just getting channeled into the performance without being so destructive or without being such a personal assault.  For all of us, that 12 years I was in the band was an exercise in emotional denial.

Question: It took extensive negotiations between five different managers to get the Mac reunion squared away.  Will the band be traveling in five separate tour buses?

LB:  Oh no, no.  (Chuckles)  I think we're taking a plane for most of the tour.  Recently, when times have come close to us actually having a disagreeement about anything, it's usually been when other people like the managers get in between the band members.  The thing is, we are really getting along very well right now.  I'm actually enjoying this more than any of my previous time with the band.