Fleetwood Mac - B101.1 Radio Philadelphia (Fall 1997)

B101.1: Stevie, we're playing "Silver Springs" right now on B101.1. A lot of us love that song from 20 years ago. How is that song different for you now? It's such a personal, emotional song and this is 20 years later. How do you approach that?

STEVIE: Well, the great thing about it is that as one of the Rumours songs; it got dumped from the record, so it was never done live. So unlike most of the other songs that we are doing now that we love, "Silver Springs" is an old song, but it's never been done live. So there's a part of it that makes it a very new song. If it had been played on stage a bunch, it would be hard to do it with this much emotionalness. (pause) Emotionalness?

CHRISTINE: Emotion? (The band laughs).

STEVIE: This is not the kind of song that you just do the end of over and over and over again. So the fact that it hasn't been done before makes it great to do as a performance thing with soul...and to mean it.

B101.1: What was it like working on the movie, "Twister"?

LINDSEY: That was a really great thing for Stevie and me, because it had been an awful long time. I don't think we'd done a two-part harmony like that even in the later years of Fleetwood Mac. It almost harkened back to Buckingham-Nicks. Her voice is really sounding great and that blend never went away. So it was kind of an eye-opener when we finally started overdubbing the vocals on that. It was really great.

STEVIE: Thank you!

LINDSEY: You're welcome! (They both laugh).