Review - San Francisco Examiner (05.24.1997)

Stevie Nicks fluffed the opening line to "Dreams." Twice.

She can be forgiven her nervousness. Not only was she filming a concert for MTV and recording a live album, but she hadn't played with her colleagues from Fleetwood Mac in more than 15 years. She stepped to the mike for her first lead vocal of the evening and blew the entrance to a song she has sung a thousand times.

The famous five were gathered Thursday on a soundstage at the Warner Bros. lot to reprise their glory days as one of the most popular rock groups of the '70s, a reunion the band will repeat starting in September on stages across the country.

After Nicks' stumble, the group sputtered to a halt behind her, and she looked momentarily lost and helpless. Her former paramour, guitarist Lindsey Buckingham, whose warmth suffused the evening, wrapped an arm around her shoulder and gently walked her through the opening of her signature song: "There you go again, you say you want your freedom."