Review - Arizona Republic (10.23.1997)

They haven't exactly picked up where they left off. This group has always had enough psycho-drama boiling below the surface to fuel a soap opera. The past decade has seen them exorcise the demons of drug and alcohol abuse and move past one failed marriage and one (actually two) love affair among two (actually three) band members (it's a long story).

And it may not be over. After a moving version of 1975's Landslide, Nicks planted two or three kisses on the lips of former amour Lindsey Buckingham. Nicks swore in Rolling Stone magazine this week they would rekindle their love "over my dead body," but you never know . . .

As the Mac rolled on like the smooth machine that has sold 70 million albums worldwide, Nicks, who has deep roots here, said "This is our town."

And for one night, Phoenix belonged to Fleetwood Mac.